V + (으)ㄴ 후(에)

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Verb + (으)ㄴ 후에 : This pattern is used to describe what happens after a particular action. 후 means "after" and the pattern in general means "after (verb)ing."


  • The 에 at the end of 후 is optional.

Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: V + ㄴ 후에 If there is no 받침 or if the adj/verb stem ends with a ㄹ 받침 가다 → 간 후에
Rule 2: V + 은 후에 If there is a 받침 at the end of the adj/verb stem 먹다 → 먹은 후에

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
저녁 먹은 후에 숙제해. Do your homework after having dinner. imperative sentence
계획을 세운 후에 실천에 옮기세요. After you've made the plans, put them into practice. polite imperative sentence
숙제 끝낸 후에 축구하러 갈래? Do you want to play soccer after finishing the homework? low form
사고를 당한 후에 의식을 잃었어요. I was unconscious after an accident polite informal form
충분히 생각한 후에 결정을 했습니다. I decided after full consideration formal form
저는 퇴근한 후에 자주 맥주를 마셔요. I often drink beer after work. polite informal form
난 보통 운동한 후에 물을 마셔. I usually drink some water after exercising low form
이메일을 보낸 후에 전화할게요. I'll call you after e-mailing you. polite informal form
비온 후에 땅이 굳는다. After a storm comes a calm proverb
죽은 후에 의사 부른다. After death, call the doctor. proverb

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