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Let's write down our wish list here so that we can prioritize and categorize updates.

  • Remove unneeded buttons and add new ones to the toolbar
  • Set up forums (either vBulletin or phpBB would be fine)
  • Set up vBulletin
    • Add link from Top (to the main page) and HelpTop (to a help section)

Learning Hangeul

I've used the talk page for the Learn hangeul section to propose a format so we can begin work on it soon.


  • Switch out the NeedsTranslation so that the functionality is built into the Languages template
  • Add additional languages to be used on translated pages

Korean Verb Conjugater

  • 1.0
    • some verbs act differently than just plain conjugated or not (like 놀다)
    • support specially conjugated verbs
    • add flash-extension for the wiki
  • 2.0 (either we can split it up or it can be a suite)
    • New section: dynamic form combination (user can select forms to combine)
    • New section:Search Korean Wiki
    • Add ability to click on words with extra info
      • Show detected sound changes

Special Pages

these probably shouldn't be listed in the community portal since we should probably control them