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  • 가다 or (맛이) 가다 syn. 돌다 - crazy, mad, insane
  • 돌다 - to turn mad, lunatic or insane (돌았냐?)
  • 갈구다 - To nag at someone, irritate, bother, annoy
  • 갑이다 = 동갑이다 - to be approximately the same age as another (우리 갑이네. 말까도 되지?)
  • 강추 = 강력 추천 - A must, highly recommended
  • 개기다 - unwilling to compromise or give in (이자식 개기네? 죽어!)
  • 개판 - A chaos
  • 골때리다 (adj) - a headache, a pain
  • 공부벌레 - a bookworm
  • 날라리 - A teenager who has more interest in being cool (underage smoking, drinking, clubbing.. stuff like that) than in study.
  • 내숭떨다 - To be coy
  • 널널하다 - free, spacious, roomy (오늘 시간 널널한데 만나자)
  • 노가다 - A physically demanding job. usu. a construction job
  • 놈 - (suff.) a derogatory term for man (쌍놈)
  • 농땡이 - To slack off at a job
  • 다굴 = 왕따 - black sheep
  • 단세포 - (a unicellular animal) a simple-minded person
  • 단순빵 - a simple-minded person
  • 대박 + 터지다 - To yield a big luck, to hit the jackpot
  • 대타 - to pinch-hit, to fill in for someone (대타해줘)
  • 대빵 - A lot, very (= 열라)
  • 돌대가리 - A retard, a moron
  • 동네북 - A weak individual who is regularly abused physically by others, a doormat
  • 된장/ 덴장 = 젠장 - freak! darn!
  • 뒈져 - Go to heck
  • 뒤땅 + 까다 - to gossip, to backbite
  • 뒷북 - an unaware, thickheaded or dull person
  • 디따 - a general intensifier; a lot, really
  • 땡땡이 - Ditching or skipping classes
  • 맞짱뜨다 - To fight
  • 막가파 - Someone who does things without considering the consequences, an impulsive + reckless person, someone who sows wild oats
  • 만땅 - To fill to the limit, to fill something full (만땅이요. Fill her up, please.)
  • 말리다 - to have a bad hair day
  • 망가지다 - To embarrass oneself
  • 맥주병 - Someone who just 'sinks' like beer bottles when put in water. (나 맥주병이야)
  • 멍텅구리 - A retard
  • 멍청이 - A moron
  • 몽땅 - completely
  • 물먹이다 - To stand someone up or to disappoint someone intentionally, to pull someone's leg
  • 무지무지 - an intensifier meaning very very (무지무지 커)
  • 무지하게 [무쟈게] - an intensifier meaning very
  • 바가지쓰다 - To be ripped off
  • 바가지 긁다 - To nag, to harass (exp. a wife at her hubby)
  • 방콕 - to never go outside home, to live a life in seclusion (방학동안 방콕 갔다왔어)
  • 백수 - An unemployed man
  • 백조 - An unemployed woman
  • 번개(팅) - To meet someone who you got to know over the net.
  • 벼락치기 - To pull an all nighter before an exam
  • 불다 - To confess, expose, to "blow" (disclose) confidential info
  • 사오정 - Someone who is unaware, thickheaded or dull
  • 사이비 - Sham, fake, fraud
  • 살벌하다/ 쌀벌하다 - (adj) An overwhelming, brutal, tense + violent atmosphere
  • 삽질하다 - To BS (저 새끼 또 삽질하네)
  • 삼천포로 빠지다 - To get off the subject
  • 새끼 - a) A derog term for a man. b) This term is also used in a very close circle of friends, just like the Afro American term 'bro'.
  • 새대가리 - A birdbrain
  • 생판/ 쌩판 - Completely (쌩판 모르는 씹쌔들이 지랄이네)
  • 순진빵 - a naive person
  • 싸가지없다 - (adj) someone who is very wenchy and ill-mannered.
  • 아싸리 - All at once, altogether
  • 야리다 - To scowl, glower (뭘야려?) What you lookin' at?
  • 양다리 걸치다 - To date 2 persons at the same time.
  • 얌체 - A meanie
  • 양아치 - A self conceited prick
  • 어리버리하다 - (adj) someone who can not take care of oneself and is easily taken advantage of.
  • 엄창하다 = ‘엄’마 ‘창’녀, meaning my mom’s a whore if what I’m saying isn’t true. Also, to swear (진짜야. 엄창해! I ain’t kidding. I swear!)
  • 엉터리 - Gibberish, done in a rough careless manner
  • 일빠 - Be the first
  • 잘난척 - To brag, to boast
  • 재수없다 = 싸가지없다 - (adj) wenchy
  • 조센징 - A derogatory Japanese term for Korean
  • 조폭 = 조직 폭력배 - a member of a gang of violent criminals, a mobster
  • 찐따 - a moron
  • 찬밥 (신세) - To wear out your welcome
  • 차다 - To dump a girl or boyfriend
  • 철판 (+ 깔다) - To put on a thick skin, to act brazen and shameless
  • 초짜 - A complete beginner
  • 총알택시 - A taxi driven by a crazy ultra speedy driver.... at the speed of a bullet.
  • 캡 - ace
  • 캡숑 - a general non offensive intensifier (캡숑 잘생겼어)
  • 컨닝 하다 - To cheat on an exam
  • 콩밥 먹다 - To be imprisoned
  • 키우다 - To turn up volume (볼륨좀 키워봐)
  • 튀다 - a) To run away fast b) To stand out from the rest
  • 튕기다 - "Oh, I coudn't possibly ask you to do that!"
  • 파편 - bits of chewed food popped out of the mouth caused by opening the mouth (e.g. talking) while eating
  • 퍼뜩 - Quickly
  • 폭탄 - Someone who showed up at a 번개 who turned out to be very ugly (완전 폭탄만났어)
  • 폰팅 - A date on the phone
  • 폼잡다 - To flaunt oneself
  • 한 턱 + 내다, 쏘다, 쓰다 - to buy something (usu. dinner or drink) for friend(s)
  • 허벌나게 - an intensifier meaning very or eagerly
  • 허접 - a low-quality fake; 짜가 and 짝퉁 don't necessarily have to be low quality counterfeits.
  • 형광등 - someone who is unaware, thickheaded or dull
  • 호로 - A contemptible man. often followed by 새끼
  • 화끈하다 - An adjective describing someone who is very impetuous, quick, bold, hot-tempered and impulsive
  • 환장하다 - To go nuts, to drive crazy
  • 황 - A general term for 'Good.' Its usage and meaning are very similar to '짱.'
  • 황당하다 - To be absurd
  • 후리다 - To womanize
  • 후지다 - To be of poor quality


You got me. You had me going there.


I got you, didn't I. I had you going, didn't I?


That's a lame joke.

분위기 망치게 (조지게) 하지마. / 초치지마.

Don't spoil the mood.

너나 잘 해.

None of your business. Mind your own business.

내성질 건드리지 마.

Don't get on my nerves.


Thanks for the history lesson. Hindsight is 20/20.

그 사람 그거 참 잘~ 됐다. / 쌤통이다.

He deserves it. Serves him right.

그래 니 팔뚝 (또는 니 X) 굵다.

Yes, you're the man!

니가 나한테 어떻게 그럴 수 있니?

How could you do that to me?

놀구 있네- 삽질 하네-

Yeah. Right~

거기 물 좋다

That place rocks! That place kicks!

(문제의 답 등이) 너무쉽네/애걔(걔) 그게다야?

That's it? /Is that all?

너도 내 입장이 되어봐

Put yourself in my shoes.

너 정말 치사하다.

You're so cheap.

이 짓이 지겨워 죽겠어.

This sucks!

몇 시에 퇴근해요?

What time do you call it a day?

야, 친구 좋다는 게 뭐야?

Come on, what are friends for?

너무 감격해서 눈물이 난다.

It was so touching, I almost cried.

미안해 할 것까지는 없어.

There's nothing to be sorry about.

내게 고마워할 것까지는 없어.

There's no need to thank me.

이보다 더 좋을 순 없다.

It couldn't be better than this!


Neh Neh Neh Boo Boo

섭섭(실망)하지않게 해드리겠습니다!

You won't be disappointed!

나를 만만하게 보지마.

Don't think I am that easy.

니가 하는 일이 다 그렇지 뭐.

That's what you always do.


Just wait! I'll get (또는 pay) you back.

가만히 있으면 중간이나 가지.

You should've kept quiet

이번 한 번만 봐준다.

I'm gonna let it slide only this time.

쟤는 어디가도 굶어죽진 않겠다.

No matter where he goes, he'll do just fine.

너무많은걸 알려고하면 다쳐.

Knowing too much will only hurt you.

제발 잘난 척 좀 그만해.

Stop acting like you're something special.

네가 없으니 뭔가 허전한 기분이야.

I feel like something is missing when you're not here.

장난이 좀 심하군.

Your joking is going a little too far.

말장난 그만 합시다.

Let's stop playing word games

내가 만만하게 보여?

Do I look that easy?

다 엎어버리고 뛰쳐 나가고싶다.

I just want to drop everything and run away.

오해 하지 마세요.

Don't get me wrong.

몸이 날아갈 것 같애. /가뿐해.

I feel light as a feather. I feel good.

기가막혀 말이 안나오네.

It's so upset I'm speechless.

니 맘대로 하세요.

Suit yourself.

괜히 나만 실없는사람 되었잖아.

It just made me look irresponsible.

허리가 삐걱했어.

I hurt my back.

허리를 다쳤어요.

I threw out my back.

아직 옛날 실력 안 죽었어.

I've still got it.

너 들으라고 한 소리 아냐.

Don't take it personally.




Don't try to butter me up.


Sue me!

그게 어딘데?

That's better than nothing

머리뚜껑이 열렸다.

My head is about to split.

그녀는 이중 성격을 가졌어.

She has a multiple personality (split personality)

어디론가 멀리 훌쩍 떠나고 싶다.

I just want to go somewhere far away.

(나에게) 너무 심한 것 아니예요?

Don't you think you're being too harsh (on me)?

그렇게까지 할 필요는 없어.

You don't have to do all that

나도 맘이 편하지는 않아.

I don't feel good about it, either.

그다지 썩 내키지는 않는데.

I don't really feel like doing it

생각보다 '별로'인데.

It's not as good as I expected.

몸살에 걸려 온몸이 쑤신다.

My whole body aches.

그 사람 똥배가 나왔어.

He has a big belly.

넌 내 밥이야.

Your mine now! I've got you just where I want you.

저 사람은 인간이 왜 저래?

What's his problem? What's wrong with him?

걔 원래 그런 애야.

He's usually like that.

너 삐졌니?

Are you mad at me? Are you pissed off?

이 싸가지 없는 녀석아 (싸가지 means 싹수.)

You're a hopeless case.

그는 밥만 축낸다.

Food is wasted on him.

그는 성격이 털털하고 시원시원하다.

He has an easy-going and cool attitude.

있는 척 좀 하지 마.

Stop acting (Don't act) like you are rich.

사람보면 아는척 좀 해봐라.

Why are you acting like you don't know me?

쟨 정말 짜다! 어떻게 밥 한번 안사니?

He's so cheap. How can he not buy lunch even once?

너 공주병이구나.

You think you're special, don't you?

저 애는 내가 찍었어.

That boy (girl) is mine. He (She) is on my list.

쟤는 날라리야.

He's a player (with the girls).

그는 앞뒤가 꽉 막혔어.

He is so stubborn.

내 입장이 정말 난처해.

My position is very uncomfortable.

그 사람은 건방지게 굴어.

He acts like he's something special.

쟤 손 좀 봐 줘야겠다.

He needs a lesson.

잘난체 하는 걸 아니꼬와서 못 보겠군!

I can't stand watching him acting like he is something special.

그녀는 마음을 잘 주지 않고 튕겨.

She's playing hard to get.

그는 뒤로 호박씨 깐다.

He does things behind people's backs

놔둬! 그냥 그러다가 말겠지 뭐.

Leave him alone. He'll stop it eventually.

이 숙제 정말 짜증난다.

This homework is very tedious.

너무 오바 하지마. (오바 is Konglish for "'over' exaggerate.")

Stop exaggerating. Don't over do it.

쟤랑 걔랑 그렇고 그런 사이래.

They are said to have a relationship.

걘 늘 요리조리 빠져나간단 말이야.

He always gets away with stuff.

그냥 그렇다고 해, 뭘 자꾸 따져?

Just say it. Don't argue.

대박이다!! -------> Awesome!!

정신줄 놨구나? ---------> Are you out of your mind? or Are you crazy?

뭘 꼬라봐? --------> What are you looking at? (a fighting attitude)

지못미(지켜주지 못해서 미안해) ----------> Sorry, I couldn't protect you.

나 쟤한테 꽂혔어 ----------> I have crush on her/him

웃기지마! ------------> Whatever! or Shut up~ (when someone says nonsense)


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