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Things to do, sorted by priority.

Low Priority

  • Make this page look nicer with tables. Yellow for low, orange for medium, red for high priority.
  • Record more subway announcements
  • The Important 한자 pages h2 headings are making a table of content table, fix it.
  • Convert 한글 letter jps to svg
  • Learning to write 한자 strokes. Official Korean source?
  • Looks like the background image isn't bing tiled properly anymore
  • Get an audio recording of someone saying 있잖아

Medium Priority

  • Get more pictures or media for Category:Vocabulary section.
  • Korean version of the sidebar for customized
  • Better upload form with more details
  • Record delivery messages, then translate them.
  • ㅂ니다 and ㅂ니까 pages should be made and finished.
  • category pages should have descriptions so their link isn't red.
  • Sections to explain the difference between various grammar usage, i.e. future tense.
  • Add extension:
  • Make vocabulary quizes for each vocabulary page, and in the future other quizes for grammar similar grammar patterns.
  • Cheat sheet in Korean
  • Look into making an upload form like this:
  • Get a similar template for our site:
  • SVG isn't being rendered correctly, we need to look into: and fix it.
  • Make the featured articles a template, so we just change the template and can load it onto the Korean and English versions without having to modify both pages.
  • The Korean main page should cater more towards Korean users and how they can contribute.

High Priority

  • User Support
  • Learning Hangeul
    • Record sounds
    • Stroke order animations
    • Make example table
  • Main pages
    • Final version
    • Special front page for Koreans
  • Tech
    • The pages on wikimedia commons automatically detects which page to redirect to based on the language. We should try to figure out how they do it so if a user changes his language to Korean, then the Korean version of the page should load.


  • I now have software where I can show users how to use this wiki as well as other things like how to install Korean. Any ideas of what videos to make Matt and Jay? Some ideas:
    • How to install Korean on windows, along with showing Hangeul Assistant
    • Videos on how to use and edit this wiki. One version for English users, and one for Korean users.