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S.Korean paper money
  • 지폐 <> - Paper money
  • 신권 <> - New bills
  • 구권 <> - Old bills
    • There are 4 kinds of paper money in South Korea. And 1000won, 5000won, 10000won bills have an old style and a new style. The newest style of bills has been in circulation since <INSTATED YEAR>. Both the new and the old bills are valid for use as currency.
    • The 50,000won bill was issued on June 23, 2009.
  • 동전 <> - Coin
  • 수표 <> - Check
    • You have to enter your name and phone number or ID number on the back side of a check when you use it.
  • 신용카드 <--> - Credit card
  • 체크카드 - Debit card (check card)
  • 문화상품권 (Culture Merchandise Coupon)
  • 문화 <> - Culture
  • 상품권 <> - Gift certificate
    • There are many different types of culture merchandise coupons. You can use it in place of money at theaters, bookstores, convenience stores, and internet vendors.
  • 교통카드 <--> - Traffic card
    • There are many different types of traffic cards - an actual card, a external cell phone attachment, an IC cell phone chip, a bracelet, etc.
      And there are various traffic card companies including T money, U pass, etc. However, T money is considered the best, most popular and most convenient. You can use the T money card for the bus, subway, taxis, as well as convenient store, vending machines, public telephones, etc.
    • You have to put some money into the T money card before using. But if you want a post payment type, you have to go to the bank and open an account. A post payment traffic card may then be obtained, usable in subways and on buses.


  • 공짜, 무료 - Free
  • 싸다, 저렴하다 - Cheap
  • 비싸지 않다? - Inexpensive
  • (가격이) 적당하다 - Reasonable
  • 꽤 비싸다 - Fairly expensive
  • 굉장히 비싸다, 매우 비싸다, 되게 비싸다 - Very expensive
  • 바가지 - Rip off


  • 바가지 쓰다 - To be ripped off
  • (돈을) 아끼다, 절약하다 - Save money
  • (돈을) 낭비하다 - To waste money
  • 돈을 빌리다 - To borrow money
  • 돈을 빌려주다 - To lend money
  • 지불하다, (돈을) 쓰다 - To pay for


  • 짜리
  • Value