N + 인지 몰랐다

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Noun+ 인지 몰랐다:


  • N + 인지 몰랐다 = N + 인줄 몰랐다

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
그 사람이 여자인지 몰랐어. I didn't know the person was a girl. Low form
영희가 20대인줄 몰랐어. I didn't know that Young Hee is a 20's. Low form
오늘이 일요일인지 몰랐어. I didn't know that today is Sunday. Low form
저 사람이 니 남자친구인지 몰랐어. I didn't know that person is your boyfriend. Low form
A : 강아지가 정말 이쁘네요."
"B : 고맙습니다만..개가 아니라 고양이예요."
"A : 죄송해요. 고양이인지 몰랐어요.
A : Your doggy is really cute."
"B : Thanks but this is a cat, not a dog."
"A : Oh, sorry. I didn't know this is a cat.
Polite informal form
A : 저기요, 그거 제 펜인 것 같은데요."
"B : 미안해요. 당신 펜인지 몰랐어요.
A : Excuse me but I think that is my pen."
"B : Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know this is yours.
Polite informal form
A : 소금 좀 줄래요?"
"B : 여기요."
"A : 이건 설탕같은데요?"
"B : 죄송해요. 설탕인줄 몰랐어요.
A : Can you pass me the salt?"
"B : Here it is."
"A : I think this is sugar."
"B : Sorry, I didn't know that is sugar.
Polite informal form
A : 오늘 철수 생일이잖아, 생일선물 준비했어?"
"B : 깜빡했어. 오늘인지 몰랐어.
A : Today is Chul Su's birthday, did you prepare a present?"
"B : I forgot it. I didn't know that his birthday is today.
Low form


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