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  • (cur | prev) 19:54, 22 June 2010Galinaros (Talk | contribs)m . . (3,304 bytes) (+31). . (changed incorrect appearances of ㄱ/ㄲ/ㅋ to their respective, proper ㄷ/ㄸ/ㅌ)
  • (cur | prev) 07:10, 17 April 2010DigitalSoju (Talk | contribs). . (3,273 bytes) (+3,273). . (Created page with 'Additional examples to help you distinguish between ㄱ ㄲ and ㅋ. {| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; font-size:300%;" |-sty…')