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==Other Examples==
==Other Examples==
*종로 (An area in Seoul, literally means bell street) → "종노"
*종로 → "종노"
*종료 (A colleague, a coworker) → "종뇨"  
*종료 → "종뇨"

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Pronunciation 'Rule:

  • Case 1: 'ㅇ' 받침 + 'ㄹ' → ㄹ gets pronounced as ㄴ

If the 받침 is a ㅇ and it is followed by ㄹ, then the ㄹ sound becomes a ㄴ sound. The ㅇ is a nasal sound so the ㄹ changes to a nasal sound to compensate.

Other Examples

  • 종로 → "종노"
  • 종료 → "종뇨"