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Want to know more about 한자? Head over to the important 한자 page.

This is the form when it's found at the beginning. See for words with this character in the middle or end of a word.


難 (Difficult)

  • 난 <苦難> - Hardship

暖 (Warm)

  • <煖房> - Heating
  • <煖爐> - Stove, Heater

亂 (Be in disorder, be troubled)

  • <亂視> - Astigmatism
  • <亂場-> - A scene of confusion and disorder
  • <亂離> - Confusion
    • 난리가 나다 - Have an uproar

卵 (Egg)

  • <卵子> - Egg cell, Ovum
  • <卵巢> - Ovary