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못 Verb : This pattern is equivalent to can't ~


Conjugation Rule

  • 못 + V

Conjugation Examples

  • 가다 → 못 가다
  • 먹다 → 못 먹다
  • 걷다 → 못 걷다
  • 읽다 → 못 읽다
  • 보다 → 못 보다

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
제가 오늘 학교에 못 가요. I can't go to school today. Polite informal form
저는 감기에 결려서 집 밖에 못 나가요. Since I caught cold, I can't go out of my house. Polite informal form
늦잠을 자서 아침을 못 먹었어요. I couldn't have breakfast because I woke up late. Polite informal form
발이 아파서 못 걸어. I can't walk because I feel a pain in my foot. Low form
돈이 없어서 택시를 못 탔어요. I couldn't take a cab because I didn't have enough money. Polite informal form
다시 한번 말해 주세요. 못 들었어요. Can you say that again? I couldn't hear you . Polite informal form
면허증이 없어서 저는 운전을 못 해요. I don't have a license, so I can't drive. Polite informal form
A : 나는 고기를 못 먹어."
"B : 못 먹는거야? 안 먹는거야?"
"A : 알레르기 때문에 못 먹어.
A : I can't eat meat."
"B : Can't? or Don't?"
"A : I'm allergic to meat. So, I can't eat.
Low form
엇, 죄송해요. 못 봤어요. Oops! I'm sorry. I couldn't see you there. Polite informal form
이 옷은 작아서 못 입어. This shirt is too tight for me. So, I can't wear this. Low form


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