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|Engex8 =Because I'm busy.
|Engex8 =Because I'm busy.
|Comment8 =Polite informal form   
|Comment8 =Polite informal form   
|Korex9 =
|Korex9 =무서워서 그래.
|Engex9 =
|Engex9 =Because it's scary.
|Comment9 =
|Comment9 =Low form.
|Korex10 =  
|Korex10 =시간이 없어서 그래요.
|Engex10 =
|Engex10 =Because I don't have time (to do this or that).
|Comment10 = [[Category:Incomplete examples]] <!--remove this line if there are 10 sentences-->
|Comment10 =Polite informal form

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Grammar pattern : It is because A/V


Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: If there is no 받침 or if the adj/verb stem ends with a ㄹ 받침
Rule 2: If there is a 받침 at the end of the adj/verb stem

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
너 피곤해 보여."
"어제 못 자서 그래요.
You look tired."
"It's because I couldn't sleep last night.
Polite informal form
너 괜찮아?"
"응. 괜찮아. 어제 술 마셔서 그래.
Are you OK?"
"Yeah, I'm OK. It's just because I drank alcohol yesterday.
Low form
왜 울어요?"
"슬퍼서 그래요.
Why are you crying?"
"Because I'm very sad.
Polite informal form
철수는 왜 한국말을 못해요?"
"영국에서 자라서 그래요.
Why can't Chul Su speak Korean?"
"It's because he was brought up in England.
Polite informal form
왜 저녁 안먹었어?"
"아파서 그래요.
Why din't you have dinner?"
"Because I'm sick.
Polite informal form
배고파서 그래. Because I'm hungry. Low form
심심해서 그래. It's because I'm bored. Low form
바빠서 그래요. Because I'm busy. Polite informal form
무서워서 그래. Because it's scary. Low form.
시간이 없어서 그래요. Because I don't have time (to do this or that). Polite informal form


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