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==Sentence Examples==
==Sentence Examples==
{{Example table
{{Example table
|Korex1 =
|Korex1 =내가 도와 줄게.
|Engex1 =
|Engex1 =I'll help you.
|Comment1 =
|Comment1 =low form
|Korex2 =
|Korex2 =제가 도와 드릴게요.
|Engex2 =
|Engex2 =I'll help you.
|Comment2 =
|Comment2 =high form
|Korex3 =
|Korex3 =가방을 들어줄게.
|Engex3 =
|Engex3 =Let me give you a hand with your bag.
|Comment3 =
|Comment3 =low form
|Korex4 =
|Korex4 =가방을 들어 드릴게요.
|Engex4 =
|Engex4 =Let me give you a hand with your bag.
|Comment4 =
|Comment4 =high form
|Korex5 =
|Korex5 =제가 책 읽어드리겠습니다.
|Engex5 =
|Engex5 =Let me read a book for you.
|Comment5 =
|Comment5 =high form
|Korex6 =
|Korex6 =김선생님은 우리에게 한국어를 가르쳐줘요.
|Engex6 =
|Engex6 =Mr.Kim teaches us Korean.
|Comment6 =
|Comment6 =polite informal form
|Korex7 =
|Korex7 =친구가 나에게 편지를 보내주었어요.
|Engex7 =
|Engex7 =My friend sent me a letter.
|Comment7 =
|Comment7 =polite informal form
|Korex8 =
|Korex8 =내가 돈 빌려줄게요.
|Engex8 =
|Engex8 =I'll lend you some money.
|Comment8 =
|Comment8 =polite informal form
|Korex9 =
|Korex9 =제가 안내해 드릴게요.
|Engex9 =
|Engex9 =I'll show you around.
|Comment9 =
|Comment9 =high form
|Korex10 =  
|Korex10 =내가 내일 아침에 깨워줄게.
|Engex10 =
|Engex10 =I'll wake you up tomorrow morning.
|Comment10 =  
|Comment10 =low form
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[[Category:Grammar Pattern|ㅇ]]
[[Category:아/어/여 form|ㅇ]]
[[Category:아/어/여 form|ㅇ]]

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Adjective/Verb + 아/어/여 주다 : This pattern is equivalent to equivalent statement

The high form is 드리다

Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: If there is no 받침 or if the adj/verb stem ends with a ㄹ 받침
Rule 2: If there is a 받침 at the end of the adj/verb stem

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
내가 도와 줄게. I'll help you. low form
제가 도와 드릴게요. I'll help you. high form
가방을 들어줄게. Let me give you a hand with your bag. low form
가방을 들어 드릴게요. Let me give you a hand with your bag. high form
제가 책 읽어드리겠습니다. Let me read a book for you. high form
김선생님은 우리에게 한국어를 가르쳐줘요. Mr.Kim teaches us Korean. polite informal form
친구가 나에게 편지를 보내주었어요. My friend sent me a letter. polite informal form
내가 돈 빌려줄게요. I'll lend you some money. polite informal form
제가 안내해 드릴게요. I'll show you around. high form
내가 내일 아침에 깨워줄게. I'll wake you up tomorrow morning. low form


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