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五 (Five)

  • <五月> - May
  • 밥 <五穀-> - Dish made with all five grains (eat at 정월대보름:15th Jan. of the lunar calendar)
  • <五感> - The five senses

汚 (Dirty)

  • (되다) <汚染> - Contamination, pollution

惡 (Hate)

  • 오(하다) <憎惡> - Hate
  • 오(하다/스럽다) <嫌惡> - Detest

娛 (Enjoy)

  • <娛樂室> - Game room, arcade

悟 (Realize)

  • 오(하다) <覺悟> - Preparedness, resolution, to prepare oneself for

오전<> - Forenoon, AM