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==Sentence Examples==
==Sentence Examples==
{{Example table
{{Example table
|Korex1 =
|Korex1 =나중에 전화 할게.
|Engex1 =
|Engex1 =I'll call you later.
|Comment1 =
|Comment1 =Low form ([[반말]])
|Korex2 =
|Korex2 =내 친구 소개시켜 줄게요.
|Engex2 =
|Engex2 =I'll introduce my friend to you.
|Comment2 =
|Comment2 =Informal polite
|Korex3 =
|Korex3 =맥주 마시러 갈래? 내가 살게.
|Engex3 =
|Engex3 =Do you wanna go grab a beer? It's on me.
|Comment3 =
|Comment3 =Low form ([[반말]])
|Korex4 =
|Korex4 =가방 들어 줄게요.
|Engex4 =
|Engex4 =Let me give you a hand with your luggage.
|Comment4 =
|Comment4 =Informal polite
|Korex5 =
|Korex5 =기다릴게.
|Engex5 =
|Engex5 =I'm waiting for you.
|Comment5 =
|Comment5 =Low form ([[반말]])
|Korex6 =
|Korex6 =확인해 볼게요.
|Engex6 =
|Engex6 =Let me check.
|Comment6 =
|Comment6 =Informal polite
|Korex7 =
|Korex7 =미안해. 다시는 안 늦을게.
|Engex7 =
|Engex7 =Sorry, I'll never  be late again
|Comment7 =
|Comment7 =Low form ([[반말]])
|Korex8 =
|Korex8 =다시는 안 그럴게요.
|Engex8 =
|Engex8 =I'll never do that again.
|Comment8 =
|Comment8 =Informal polite
|Korex9 =
|Korex9 =내가 먼저 씻을게.
|Engex9 =
|Engex9 =I'll take a shower before you.
|Comment9 =
|Comment9 =Low form ([[반말]])
|Korex10 =  
|Korex10 =죄송합니다만, 길 좀 물어볼게요.
|Engex10 =
|Engex10 =Excuse me but can I ask you for directions?
|Comment10 =  
|Comment10 = Informal polite

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V + (으)ㄹ 게요 : This pattern is used for the future tense. This pattern is restricted to first person usage. Even by native Korean speakers, the 게요 is often mispelled as 께요. See the pronunciation section.

Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: Verb + ㄹ 게요 If there is no 받침 or if the adj/verb stem ends with a ㄹ 받침 가다 → 갈 게요
오다 → 올 게요
전화하다 → 전화할 게요
팔다 → 팔 게요
Rule 2: Verb + 을 게요 If there is a 받침 at the end of the adj/verb stem 먹다 → 먹을 게요
받다 → 받을 게요

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
나중에 전화 할게. I'll call you later. Low form (반말)
내 친구 소개시켜 줄게요. I'll introduce my friend to you. Informal polite
맥주 마시러 갈래? 내가 살게. Do you wanna go grab a beer? It's on me. Low form (반말)
가방 들어 줄게요. Let me give you a hand with your luggage. Informal polite
기다릴게. I'm waiting for you. Low form (반말)
확인해 볼게요. Let me check. Informal polite
미안해. 다시는 안 늦을게. Sorry, I'll never be late again Low form (반말)
다시는 안 그럴게요. I'll never do that again. Informal polite
내가 먼저 씻을게. I'll take a shower before you. Low form (반말)
죄송합니다만, 길 좀 물어볼게요. Excuse me but can I ask you for directions? Informal polite


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