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    • 감사합니다.
to older than you
clerk --> customer
grandchild --> grandfather
student --> teacher


  • 미안해.
    • 미안해 is a low form of "I'm sorry ." 미안해 is used among friends or to people who are younger than you.
    • and you can say "쏘리" among friends.

  • 죄송해. Incorrect.png

  • 미안해요.
    • 미안해요 is used among peers (like co-wokers...) or to junior or younger than you.
미안해요 looks like honorific form but it is close to low form.
so if you use 미안해요 to senior or to people who older than you, they'll feel bad.

  • 죄송해요.
to older than you but close person
to close senior
to close boss

  • 미안합니다.
to stranger (but looks like younger than you. for example, middle age person --> young person)

  • 죄송합니다.
    • very polite form
clerk --> customer
employee --> boss
to stranger (for example, when you bump into a person on the street)
student --> teacher