Body part idioms

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Idioms related to body parts

간 is the liver.

  • 간이 콩알만 해 지다. (be scared stiff, be terrified/I cringed and got sick to my stomach./I was walking alone last night and the cat came out of nowhere, I got the fright of my life!)
  • 간이 배 밖에 나왔다.


꼬리 means tail.

  • 쥐꼬리 - is a rat's tail and used for things that are really small, usually used in conjunction with the grammar 만 한.
    • 쥐꼬리만 한 월급 - a really small salary, getting paid peanuts.
    • 쥐꼬리만 한 돈 - a really small amount of money, chicken feed.

입 means mouth and sometimes lips.

  • 입이 가볍다 - not good at keeping secrets, can't keep their mouth shut. literally means your lips are light.
  • 입이 무겁다 - good at keeping secrets, holding your tongue. Literally means your lips are heavy.
  • 입이 열 개라도 할 말이없다 - No words can justify my actions. Literally means even if I have ten mouths, I would have nothing to say.

눈 means eye(s).

  • 눈이 높다 - to have high standards, be picky
  • 눈에 쌍심지를 켜다


머리 is your head.

  • 머리가 나쁘다 - to be stupid

  • 속이 탄다 -


쓸개 means gallbladder.

  • 간에 붙었다가 쓸개에 붙었다가 한다.

코 means nose.


혀 means tongue.

  • 혀가 꼬이다 - (meaning? 1. when you drink too much and you slur your words. 2. ). Literally means one's tongue is tangled.