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Cyworld (싸이월드)

  • This tutorial assumes you know the vocabulary from the websites page. If you haven't looked over that page, you may want to before going through this page.

Cyworld is the most popular social networking site in Korea. It has some vocabulary you only find on Cyworld, so going through this page can help you a lot.

Signing up

Just make sure you follow the directions for 외국인. We may want to include a more comprehensive tutorial here


  • 사이 - Relationship


  • 일촌 - Friend
    • Originally, 촌 means the degree of blood relationship. 일촌(1촌) means relationship of parents and child.(이촌(2촌) : grandparents-grandchind, or sibling-sibling / 삼촌(3촌) : uncle-nephew, or great grandparents-great grandchild / 사촌(4촌) : cousin-cousin) Therefore 일촌 is a closest relationship. So, 일촌 is used a word that means a close friend in Cyworld.
  • 신청(하다) - Invitation
    • 일촌신청 - Friend invitation
  • 일촌ON - Friends who are online right now

Special Areas

  • 미니홈피 / 홈피 - Mini-homepage, your main page where you and your friends can interact
  • 마이싸이월드 - My Cyworld, a place where you can easily see all your happenings
  • 피플 - Contests for popularity, who's hot, who has good style, etc.
  • 미니라이프 - Minilife, a 3D place to interact with people
  • - Buy things for your minihome or as a gift to someone else

People menu

Anytime you click on a person's name, a menu comes up where you can select any of the following options.

  • 미니홈피 - Go to their minihome
  • 보내기 - Send them a text message
  • 쪽지보내기 - Send them a message
  • - Manage friend settings
    • 일촌맺기 - Invite them to be friends
    • 일촌변경 - Change your friendship settings
    • 일촌끊기 - Remove them as a friend
  • 하기 - Give them a present
  • 하기 - Invite them to ~
    • 1:1대화 - Invite them to chat with you?
    • 미니홈피초대 - Invite them to your minihome
    • 클럽초대 - Invite them to a club
    • 네이트온초대 - Invite them to be friends with you on NateOn (like Messenger)
    • 미니라이프초대 - Invite them to your minilife


Floating right column

  • 마이심볼 - Symbols that represent the user and his/her traits or activities
  • - Numbers based on various statistics
    • 액티브 - Active, calculated based on how much content you add
    • 페이머스 - Famous, calculated based on the number of visitors and their activity
    • 프랜들리 - Friendly, calculated based on visits to friend's minihomes, giving gifts, commenting on visitor comments, etc.
    • 러블리 - ??
    • 센서티브 - ??
  • 스크랩 - Pictures that other people have copied from your pictures
  • 즐겨찾기 - Number of people that have favorited your minihome
  • BGM앨범 - Album used for background music

홈 (Home tab)

  • - Latest updates
  • 포토스토리 - Photostory
  • 꾸미기룸 - Area for personal life
    • 미니룸 - Miniroom
    • 스토리룸 - Storyroom
    • 미니라이프 - Enter your minilife
  • 일촌평 - Messages from friends

프로필 (Profile tab)

  • 클럽 - Clubs they participate in

사진첩 (Pictures)

  • 태그 - See pictures by tags, like when people are tagged
  • 스크랩 - Copy their picture to your pictures
  • 주소복사 - Copy a link to the picture to the clipboard
  • 작성자 - Uploader
  • 출처 - Source
  • 작성 - Date added

방명록 (Visitor tab)

  • 텍스티콘 - Detect words and symbols and add stylized images
  • 로 하기 - Only allow them to read your comment

관리 (Management tab)

    • URL 설정 - Change your URL
  • 메뉴 - Change what tabs appear and what statistics appear on the right column
  • - Change what appears on your home tab
  • 아이템 - Item management, all require purchased items
    • 미니홈피 효과 - Minihome skins
    • 글꼴 - Font
    • - Background music
  • - Statistics
  • - Friend management

Purchasing Items

You can purchase background skins, menu skins, background music, etc. to spice up your minihome

  • 도토리 - Unit used to buy things like backgrounds, music, etc. (literally means "acorn")
  • 충전 - Purchase 도토리


  • 호감 - Good impression
  • 추천 - Recommendation
  • 투멤 - Featured member


  • 클럽 - Leave the club
  • - User level (based on activity), you usually see a number next to people's name which shows their user level.