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  • 안녕?
    • 안녕 is a low form of "Hi or Hello?". 안녕 is used among friends or to people who are younger than you.
    • you can say "하이" among friends.
    • you can say just "야" which means 'hey', or you can call to friends' name "지은아!" instead of '안녕?' among close friend.
    • and 친구와 어디서 만나기로 했을 때,
      • A : 야! (Hey)
B : 어, 왔어? (Hi)
  • 안녕하세요?
    • 안녕하세요 is honorific form of "Hello?".
    • to acquaintance
    • to neighbor
    • to people who are older than you
    • to stranger
    • at a store
  • 안녕하십니까?
    • 안녕하십니까 is very polite form of "Hello?".
    • used for busuness
    • man use this more often than woman
    • at a Customer Service Center, 안녕하십니까? 고객님.
  • 밥 먹었어? / 식사 하셨어요?
    • literally means "Have you eaten?" or "Did you have breakfast/lunch/dinner?"
    • but the meaning is same as "How are you?"
    • 밥 먹었어? is low form, and 식사하셨어요? is honorific form.
    • actually they don't wonder if you had a meal or not. and it doesn't mean "Let’s go to eat something". So, when someone ask you '식사 하셨어요?', you can just answer "네 (Yes)".
  • 어디가? / 어디가세요?
    • 어디가? and 어디가세요? are also means just "how are you?"

table title
Korean Enlgish
A : 안녕?
B : 어, 안녕?
A : 안녕?
B : 어, 오랜만이다.
A : 철수야~
B : 어, 안녕?
A : 야!
B : 어, 오랜만이야.
A : 하이~
B : 안녕?
A : 안녕?
B : 어, 어디가?
A : 학교가.
B : 그래, 가~.
A : 철수야~
B : 어, 안녕? 밥 먹었어?
A : 응. 어디가?
B : 집에.
A : 그래. 다음에 보자.