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More examples

More examples for section 3.

Word Audio
바가지 (a rip off)
바보 (fool,idiot)
바지 (pants)
배 (pear, ship,abdomen)
배우 (actor/actress)
배우다 (to learn)
버리다 (to throw away)
버스 (bus)

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베개 (pillow)

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베다 (to lay one´s head on, to cut)
보내다 (to send)

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보다 (to see, to look, to watch)
보라 (purple)
보리 (barley)
부모 (parents)
부자 (rich person)
비 (rain)
비자 (visa)
사고 (accident)
서다 (to stand, to stop)
서비스 (service)
새다 (to leak out, to dawn)
새우 (shrimp)
세다 (to count, to strong)
세로 (length,height)

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세모 (triangular)
세수 (face washing)
세제 (cleaning material)
소개 (introduction)
수도 (capital city)
시다 (to be sour)
아내 (wife)
아래 (the bottom)
아주 (very)
아주머니 (middle age woman)
애기 (baby)
어디 (where)
어리다 (to be very young)
오래 (for a long time)
오리 (duck)
우리 (we)
우주 (universe)
이사 (moving [house])
이자 (interest [money])
자기 (honey,darling or oneself )
자주 (often)
주머니 (pocket)
주소 (address)
주스 (juice)
조개 (shellfish)
저자 (author)
제주도 (Jeju, an island in Korea)
지다 (to lose)
지구 (earth)


Characters are written in a certain stroke order. Korean letters are written left to right, top to bottom.

ㅅ stroke order.png
ㅅ has 2 strokes.
ㅂ stroke order.png
ㅂ has 4 strokes.
ㄹ stroke order.png
Do not try to write this like a backwards 5.
ㅈ stroke order.png
ㅈ has two styles, here is one way to write it.
ㅈ stroke order2.png
Here is another way ㅈ is written.
ㅐ stroke order.png
Written like ㅏ then ㅣ
ㅓ stroke order.png
ㅔ stroke order.png
Written like ㅓ then ㅣ
ㅡ stroke order.png


Before moving on, we recommend you take a quiz to test your knowledge so far. However, the choice is yours, you may choose to move on instead.

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