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Double Consonant Cluster

Sometimes there are two consonants in the final position such as the ㄺ in the word 닭 or the ㄼ in 여덟. We will cover this in the step 7 in the final section. Just be aware that it is possible to have 2 consonants in the final syllable even though it's not common.


Word Audio
가격 (price)
감자 (potato)
갑자기 (suddenly)
강남 (Gangnam, name of an area in Seoul)
같다 (to be the same)
골뱅이 (snail)
높다 (to be high)
다음 (next)
먹다 (to eat)
못생기다 (to be ugly)
불고기 (bulgogi, a Korean dish (food))
석양녘1 (sunset)
선생 (teacher)
설렁하다 (to be chilly)
수업 (class)
승진 (promotion)
알다 (to know)
어렵다 (to be difficult)
웃음 (laugh)
일본 (Japan)
일요일 (Sunday)
잡채 (Japchae, name of a Korean dish[food])

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출입구 (entrance and exit)
팔다 (to sell)
한글 (name of Korean alphabet)
할아버지 (grandfather)
혹시 (by chance)
  1. Pronounced as 서걍녘
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