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Korean Romanization should be used as little as possible except in beginners sections only. Try at all costs to avoid Romanization in other sections unless absolutely necessary. If you must Romanize, use the [Revised Romanization of Korean] system.

Naming pages

+ symbol usage use 요 in page names when necessary no spaces between slashes no subject or object markers, if it's necessary list it on the page's content, not in the title Optional things, i.e. 이럴 수(가) 있다.. make the main page have the optional thing, then make a similar redirect without it. For 아/어/여 pattern, just use 아/어 for other patterns.

Making Redirects

Sentence Examples

  • Please use basic Korean names in the examples to avoid confusion for beginners. Name usages in examples, 철수, 영희, my brother, sister, etc.

use full sentences, and all markers(subject, object, particles etc)

Making Tables

Grammars with multiple usages

  • If a grammar pattern has a lot of usages, separate them into different pages. Make a disambiguation page that links to all of them.
  • If a grammar pattern has a few different usages, they can fit onto one page broken into two sections.

Posting Audio

  • The audio must in mp3 format. No other formats allowed, especially the .ogg format used on wikipedia.
  • Mp3s must be encoded at 11.025 kHz, 22.050 kHz, or 44.100 kHz otherwise they won't play properly. This is an error from 1 Pixel Out Audio player.
  • Please do not encode at a really high biterate unless absolutely necessary.
  • Please use the default parameters provided after clicking on the "mp3" button in the toolbar so the player is blue and red always, such as:
  • See the How to make an mp3 page in the help section for more for more.


  • In most cases, no citations are needed. Do not go asking for citations on grammar pages, if you feel something is inaccurate discuss on the forum and provide some evidence including examples.

Categorizing an Sorting

  • If (으)ㄴ / (으)ㄹ sort by ㄴ and ㄹ respectively, not by ㅇ
  • If you don't sort it manually it will sort wrong and sort it under 도 instead of ㄷ
  • If the first letters are A/V or N, don't sort it by that, but instead the first Korean letter.

provide examples

Posting Related Links

  • Try to put the more closely related grammars at the top.