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terms used on the internet, emoticons, internet slang etc


  • ㅋ- Noise used for laughter, the more ㅋ's the more the person is laughing.
  • ㅋㄷ - 키득키득, another way to write the sound of laughter
  • ㅎ- Noise used for laughter, the more ㅎ's the more the person is laughing.


  • ㅜㅜ /ㅠㅠ - Tears
  • ^^ - Happy eyes
  • .\/. - Angry eyes
  • OTL - Shape of a person crying on the floor
  • *_____* - Smiling face
  • ▶◀ - Used for when someone died (what is it supposed to be?)

Shortened words

Shortened form Real word Comment
ㅇㅇ Positive response, low form of 네 (yes).
ㅇㅋ Ok
ㄳ / ㄱㅅ 감사합니다 Thank you
ㄱㅊ 괜찮아요 It's ok
ㅂㅇ 바이 Bye
방가 방가워요 Nice to meet you
ㅅㅂ 씨발 A strong korean curse word
내일 Tomorrow
올만이네 오랜만이네 Long time no see.
짱나 짜증 나 Expression you use when something or someone is annoying
글쿠나 / 글구나 그렇구나 (Ah) I see!

Text Message Style

Since many young people are so used to typing text messages in a different way, typing proper Korean can sometimes make the person sound serious or angry. Many young people use a style that is considered more cute.

  • Using 모 or 머 instead of 뭐
  • Using 조 instead of 줘
  • 맞아 → 마자
  • Saying 엉, 웅, 앙 instead of 응
  • ~여, ~염, ~엽, ~욘, ~용 , ~효 = Substitutes for ~요 at the end of sentences
  • ~셈 - Substitute for ~십시오 & ~세요
  • ~삼, ~3 - Substitute for ~습니다 and 세요
    • 소주 주세요 → 소주 주삼
  • Adding ㅇ as the 받침 to words.
    • 맞아 → 마장

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