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Words derived from Japanese.


Real dictionary words
Words Korean Japanese English Note
사라 접시 Plate Used as counting unit of food. • 회 한 사라 (a plate of raw fish)
야끼 굽다 焼き Fry • 야끼만두 = 군만두 (fried dumpling)
오뎅 어묵 おでん Boiled fish paste 오뎅 is used more often than 어묵.
아나고 붕장어 アナゴ Conger, Sea eel
와사비 고추냉이 わさび Wasabi 와사비 is used more often than 고추냉이.
우동 우동 うどん Woo Dong Japanese food(noodle)
돈까스 돈까스 豚カツ Breaded pork cutlet
요지 이쑤시개 楊枝 Toothpick
다마내기 양파 たまネギ Onion
오봉 쟁반 Tray
몸뻬 몸뻬바지 loose work pants for women
꼬붕 부하, 하수인 Underling
기스 흠집 Groove, bruised
무데뽀 막무가내 かたくなに Obstinately • 무대뽀로, 막무가내로, Obstinately
찌라시 전단지,광고지 チラシ Handbill
히야시 차게 하다 冷やし To get cool
구루마 손수레 車, 手車 Handcart
다마 구슬 玉、ビーズ Bead Also 당구공(billiard ball),전구(light bulb) are called 다마.
이빠이 가득 いっぱい Full
쓰메끼리 손톱깎이 爪切り Nailclippers
와리바시 나무젓가락 割り箸 Wooden chopsticks
콤프레샤 (공기)압축기 コンプレッサー (air) compressor
공구리 콘크리트 コンクリート concrete


Non dictionary words
Words Korean Japanese English Note
오타쿠 매니아(?) オタク Maniac In the original Japanese, 오타쿠 means a person who has an obsessive interest in some area, such as a video games or animated cartoon characters.
In Korea, 오타쿠 is similar, but takes on a more negative meaning.
가라오케 노래방 カラオケ Singing room
간지 느낌, 분위기 感じ feeling
고데기 고데기 Curling iron
나가리 무효,깨짐 Used in game or something. Especially often used in "고스톱(화투):Korean card playing".
•이번 판은 나가리야. (This game is broken??)
쯔끼다시 전채요리,밑반찬 お通し、つきだし Free side dish, Appetizer 쯔끼다시 means free side dish at the restaurant. Especially it means appetizers in Japanese restaurant. (쓰끼다시)
다대기 다진양념 唐辛子 Red pepper seasoning
쇼부 합의 勝負 Mutual agreement Originally 쇼부 means 'game, match, to contend for victory' in Japan. But used as mutual agreement in Korea.
쿠사리 야단, 구박 Scolding
땡깡 ask for the impossible • 땡깡을 부리다 = 떼쓰다(ask for the impossible)
Children ask parents to buy something or to go somewhere.
가라(가라로) 대충, 가짜로 Loosely
노가다 막일 Physical labor Originally meaning construction work, but expanded to any kind of work or difficult tast.
단도리 준비, 채비 準備 Preparation
나시 나시 ノースリーブシャツ Sleeveless shirt
후까시(잡다) 폼 잡다 후까시 is used for putting on some pretense, particularly pretending to be dignified, splendid. (후까시 잡다)
유도리 융통성 柔軟性 Flexibility
모찌 찹쌀떡 Chap Sal Rice cake made from glutinous rice
사시미 회칼? 刺身 Originally 사시미 means raw fish in Japan, but it is used for Kitchen knife for cutting raw fish. The edge of a knife is very sharp. So gangsters often use this tool (in movies).
만땅 가득 ガソリンスタンドで:満タン Full At the gas station : 만땅이요. = 가득 채워주세요. =Fill it up, please.
빵구 펑크,구멍 パンク Puncture 펑크:konglish
빠꾸 バックする Back 빠꾸 is Japanese pronunciation of 'back'. Used for parking a car
자꾸 지퍼 ファスナー Zipper
엑기스 엑기스 エキス Extract
레자 인조가죽 レザー Imitation leather
시다바리 Underling
바께스 바구니, 양동이 バケツ Basket
빤스 팬티 パンツ Panties
하이바 헬맷, 안전모 ヘルメット Safety helmet
난닝구 속옷/런닝셔츠 下着 Undershirt 런닝셔츠(Konglish)
메리야스 속옷/런닝셔츠 Undershirt 런닝셔츠(Konglish)
미싱 재봉틀 ミシン Sewing machine

Similar words

Words that are very similar to Japanese words.

  • 짬뽕 - Jjampong (ちゃんぽん:챤뽕)