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Konglish is a combination of English and Korean that may or may not be anything like what it sounds like. Although most are what they sound like, you might want to check below before you make an mistake.

Direct English Loan Words

Konglish translation table
Korean term Literal words Meaning
게이 Gay Gay
디저트 Dessert Dessert
리본 Ribbon Bow
메뉴 Menu Menu
보이 Boy Boy
버스 Bus Bus
본드 Bond Super glue
섹시 Sexy Sexy
요구르트 Yogurt Liquid Yogurt
엔지니어 Engineer Technician
아이디 ID Username, ID
젤리 Jelly Gelatinous candy
콜롱(?) Cologne After-bath cologne
Can Can
퀴즈 Quiz Verbal Puzzles
콘텐츠 Contents Contents
클리닉 Clinic Clinic
컨설팅 Consulting Consulting
Team Team
택시 Taxi Taxi
팝송 Pop song English Song
포켓 볼 Pocket ball American pool
퓨전 Fusion Intercultural
헤어 핀 Hair clip Hair clip
치킨 Chicken Fried or a similar type of chicken

Words Derived from English

Konglish Literal words English Comment
리모컨 Remocon (remote + control) Remote Control
맨션 Mansion Luxury(?) apartment building
멜로 Melo Romantic drama
서비스 Service Free of charge, on the house
셔터맨 Shutter man A derogatory term for a man who is financially dependent on his wife(?)
스탠드 Stand Lamp
아파트 Apart Apartment
에어컨 AirCon (Air + Conditioner) Air Conditioner
오피스텔 OfficeTel (office + hotel) Usually a small, modern room that has basic facilities including a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower
원룸 One room A bachelor-style studio apartment.
원샷 One Shot A form of toast, roughly equivalent to "bottom's up". It challenges the drinker to finish his drink in one gulp
파마 Perm Perm, a hairstyle
팬시 Fancy Fancy Stationary

Commonly Misinterpreted Konglish

Words that are derived from English but not standard English or has a different meaning

Konglish Literal Translation Proper English Comment
글래머 Glamor Voluptuous Glamor in Korean is used to describe women with big breasts
다이어리 Diary Daily planner Diary is 일기
다이어트 Diet Losing weight 다이어트 in Korean strictly means losing weight, without taking into account the way one eats or the food a person consumes
매니큐어 Manicure Nail polish, doing one's nails
미팅 Meeting Group Blind Date A regular blind date between only two people is called "소개팅"
비닐 Vinyl Plastic on recycling cans
사이다 Cider Soda like 7-Up or Sprite Cider is beverage made from apple juice
사인 Sign Autograph (for famous people only), signature Sign is not used as noun in English, it is used a verb in this case.
샤프 Sharp A mechanical pencil, lead pencil
스킨십 "Skinship" Intimacy Skinship includes things like holding hands, hugging and any other kind of intimate touching
액세사리 Accessory Jewelry
오토바이 Autobi (Auto + Bike) Motorcycle
오픈 카 Open car Convertible automobile
와이셔츠 Y Shirt Dress shirt, button up shirt
이벤트 Event Promotional event, special, discount, limited time offer (i.e. pizza specials)
커닝 Cunning Cheating (on a test) A person who is cunning is someone who is skilled at achieving their goals through dishonest means or trickery. The difference is that it can be used in English to describe someone who uses deception to achieve any goal, but in Korea it is usually only heard in conversations about academics, specifically standardized test-taking. 커닝(하다) is used as a noun or verb in Korean; it is an adjective in English.
컨디션 Condition Health, form Koreans use condition to describe their current state of their body or mood, for example "컨디션 안 좋다" (my condition is not good). In English condition isn't unless in this sense unless used to describe a patient or medical condition.
컴퓨터 게임 Computer Game Video Game
콘도 Condo Time-share resort
콘센트 Consent Electrical outlet
탤런트 Talent Actor/actress Someone can be "talent" in Korea, without actually being talented.
토스트 Toast Grilled omelet sandwich that is not only associated with breakfast Toast is just hardened bread
팬티 Panty Underwear 팬티 can be used for both men and women to mean underwear, where in English panties are for women only.
헐리우드 액션 Hollywood action Simulated foul
핫도그 Hot dog Corn dog Hot dog is the sausage, but Koreans call a corn dog sausage
핸들 Handle Steering wheel of an automobile
핸드폰 Hand phone Cell phone
헌팅 Hunting To go out with the intention of picking up women
히프 Hip Buttocks, butt, ass Hip is supposed to be mean 골반, but for some strange reason it got translated into meaning buttocks.

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