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Phase 1

Phase 2

Discussion on what we'd like to get done for phase 2. Please add your ideas below:

  • Extend the hanja template to have an optional parameter for linking to related characters, for example 水(수 - water) can link to 氷(빙 - ice).
  • It'd be nice to have some kind of page where you input a word, and it will put it on all the pages that have the word instead of having to add it manually to each page. For example 입구 <入口> would be added for pages of 입 and 구. This would probably require a bot and more research needs to be done: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Creating_a_bot
  • A script to extract Korean names for each character, probably from naver. By Korean name for the character I mean like 日 is called "날 일" to distinguish it from 一 (한 일).
  • A script to extract missing definitions for each character, probably from wiktionary.


  • A script that will parse the level 0 - level 8 hanja pages into a nice format.
  • Anki deck cards related to learning hanja

Extending template

Meaning: Name of character:
Additional info:

Related characters: ,

For more information, check out 水 on Hanja Explorer or in the naver dictionary.
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