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Language: 언어(言語)

어 (語) is the Korean-Chinese word for language. This can easily be replaced with 말, the native Korean word for language, in any of the examples that contain 어 below. Note that the only exceptions are 영어 and 일어 (yet there is such thing as 일본말) which are always usually 영어 and 일어.


※ For more than one word for each, the most frequently used words come first.

  • (韓國語) - Korean (South)
    • 북한어(北韓語) / 문화어(文化語) - Korean (North); Originally North Korean is almost same with what South Korean people speak, but is used to distinguish those two individually.
    • 조선어 - Korean; 조선어 refers to Korean, which was commonly used during the early 1900's under Japanese rule. This is not used anymore.
  • - English
  • / (日本語/日語) - Japanese
  • (中國語) - Chinese
    • 광동 - Cantonese
  • 독일어, 독어(獨語) - German
  • 프랑스어, 불어(佛語), 불란서어(佛蘭西語; 불란서 is a transliterated form of France) - French
  • 스팬어, 에스파냐어,스페인어, 서반아어(西班牙語; 서반아 is a transliterated form of España)- Spanish
  • 포르투갈어 - Portuguese
  • 이탈리아어, 이태리어(伊太利語; 이태리 is a transliterated form of Italy) - Italian
  • 라틴어 - Latin
  • 러시아어, 노어(露語), 아어(俄語), 노서아어(露西亞語; 노서아 is a transliterated form of Russia) - Russian
  • 아랍어, 아라비아어 - Arabic
  • 필리핀어 / 타갈로그 - Philippine language/ Tagalog
  • 에스페란토 - Esperanto

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