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Welcome to the Korean Language wiki (under major construction). This site is a collaborative effort to unify knowledge on the Korean language and make information easily accessible to anyone. The interest for learning Korean has significantly increased over the years with the with the major growth of the Korean economy in the 90s,the increasing interest in Korean dramas, movies, music, as well as the ESL market in Korea bringing in an abundance of foreigners.

This website will explain Korean grammar patterns, Korean idioms, slangs, along with practical vocabulary words. This site will also thoroughly teach you how to read and write 한글, the Korean script, with many examples and even advanced consonant assimilation rules. The site was originally intended to explain everything in English, however as the majority of Korean language students these days are Japanese and Chinese, we encourage users to provide translations in both languages respectively.

In order to make use of this wiki, your computer must properly display Korean characters first. As a test, your browser should properly display the following: "한국어." If you see boxes, random characters or question marks, then your computer isn't displaying Korean characters properly. For simple instructions on how to make your computer display Korean characters click here.

Currently there are 2,045 articles total in this wiki and 3,123 registered members.

We need Your Help!

As with all good wikis, we need a number of good contributers, both non-native and native speakers alike. Non-native speakers, especially those who have taken Korean classes and own various textbooks, shouldn't shy away from contributing. However, with non-native speakers contributing, not all examples and sentences will come out correctly. There are always sentences that seem good, but still sound awkward to native speakers. This is where having native speakers contributing would be extremely helpful. If you want to start contributing now, register now. After creating an account, see the 'Getting Started' tab below for more helpful information.

A forum will be added so there can be discussions on standardization of this wiki. Also users in the future will be able to contribute their own skin. We also need some experienced wiki users with help modifying this wiki.


As a student at the Language Education Institute at Seoul National University, I was learning a lot of extra grammar rule details not found in any of my other textbooks. Then at higher levels the books we used no longer had explanations in English, so I would rely on my other textbooks to find out the exact meaning of certain grammars. It was becoming a hassle to find the extra details in my notebook, as well as flipping through many books. I also found some books were providing more accurate translations than others, so I was looking through several books to see which explanation was the best.

With a wiki, not only could we thoroughly describe the grammar, but we wouldn't have to carry it around like a book and I'm able to access it anywhere via the internet. The goal is to unify information on the Korean language from all sources, as well as becoming the most accurate and thorough source for information on the Korean language. That goal can only be met with the right contributors to this wiki.

Learning Korean strives to give everyday elements of Seoul on some of it's webpages, so there are 10 color themes to pick from on here, all colors representing the subway lines in the Seoul subway system. The default color is the Line 1 dark blue color, if you'd like to change the color, register an account and go to your preferences to change your skin. To preview the colors click on the following:
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Getting Started

If you want to start contributing immediately, but don't know how, see the cheat sheet section. Don't worry, it's not that complicated at all. Also please remember to follow the guidelines when creating or editing a new article (to be created).

Page format, wiki cheat sheet, installing Korean (video?) SNU Level 4 Grammar

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started