N 관심이 있다

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N에(게) 관심(이) 있다[없다]


Noun에(게) 관심(이) 있다[없다] : This pattern is used to denote having an interest or no interest in something. Noun에(게) 관심(이) 있다 is used to denote having interest, while the opposite pattern Noun에(게) 관심(이) 없다 is used to denote one doesn't have an interest in something.


  • When the noun is a person, attach '에게' to the noun: Noun + 에게 관심(이) 있다[없다]
  • When the noun is a person, you may also use '한테' instead of '에게' in a spoken language: Noun +한테 관심(이) 있다[없다]
  • When the noun is not a person, attach 에 to the noun: N + 에 관심(이) 있다[없다]
  • You may drop '-이' at the end of 관심: N +에(게) 관심 있다[없다]
  • To emphasize negation in Noun +에(게) 관심(이) 없다, you can put a adverb '전혀', which means '(not) at all': Noun +에(게) 관심이 전혀 없다 (In this form, you cannot delete '-이' at the end of 관심.)

Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: If there is no 받침 or if the adj/verb stem ends with a ㄹ 받침
Rule 2: If there is a 받침 at the end of the adj/verb stem

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
나는 철학에 관심이 있다. I'm interested in philosophy.
어느 분야에 관심이 있으세요? What field are you interested in?
너 나한테 관심 있어? Are you interested in me? (= Do you like me?)
걔는 요즘 스도쿠에 관심이 있더라. He seems to have an interest in Sudoku these days.
저는 주식 투자에 관심이 있어요. I'm taking an interest in the stock investment.
그 남자는 자기 딸한테만 관심이 있어. He only cares about his daughter.
우리 아이는 수학에 전혀 관심이 없어요. My child has no interest in math at all.
우리 남편은 돈 모으는 데는 관심이 없어. My husband doesn't care about saving money.


  • Special pronunciation rule?

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