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Words with a similar meaning in the English dictionary, but explaining the exact difference.

Words General Meaning Difference Examples
춥다 / 차갑다 To be cold 춥다 is used for saying the weather is cold. 차갑다 is used for when something is cold to the touch (i.e. water).
덥다 / 뜨겁다 To be hot 덥다 is used for saying the weather is hot. 뜨겁다 is used for when something is hot to the touch (i.e. water).
먼저 / 처음 / 일단
뽀뽀 / 키스 Kiss 키스 is more of a sexual kind of kiss.
실망하다 / 섭섭하다 실망하다 is stronger than 섭섭하다
달걀, 계란 Egg
달다, 달콤하다, 달달하다 To be sweet
맵다, 매콤하다 To be spicy
선생, 스승 Teacher
알아들다, 이해하다 To understand
일어나다, 일어서다 To stand up
성질, 성깔 Temper 성깔 is stronger
거짓말, 구라 A lie 구라 can be more offensive, especially to people you aren't close with or of higher status (than the speaker).
얼굴, 체면, 가오, Face 얼굴 is means face as in the body part. 체면 and 가오 both mean face in terms of reputation (i.e. lose face), but 가오 is from Japanese and used as slang, therefore can be more offensive in some situations.
무료, 공짜 Free 무료 is originates from hanja and is more formal than 공짜, which is a native Korean word.
아이러니, 반어, 반어법 irony
옮기다, 움직이다 to move 옮기다 is usually used for objects and not people.
새, 새로운 new
다시, 또 again
예약, 예매 reservation