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hello guys. Are you interested in a tab-delimited well this

hanja tab definitions hanja tab definitions

grouped by the levels of the 한자능력시험.

Please advise me on where to upload these files. I have no wiki experience.



I'm not sure exactly what you mean by hanja tab definitions. Could you explain or link me? Thanks --Bluesoju 09:06, 25 January 2010 (UTC)
I uploaded the files as you know by level 7, 6, 5 ... 3a . By tab I meant "separated by a \t", where '\t' represents the tab key on the keyboard. --Joesp 19:24, 03 November 2011 (KST)

you have some pages like

the above is for all the hanja which go by 문

Can somebody tell me where the master list is for pages like the above so that i can add my hanja to the list, and create pages for which you have had no hanja and so the page is missing? i will soon give you my list of readings and hanja for those readings. thanks, joe January 26, 2010 kst morning

Hey Joe, no need to add individual pages for each Hanja, most have already been made, see these two categories:

Right now the pages all go by the Korean names. If you search by the individual hanja character (i.e. 文) it will redirect to the particular section. For example, if you go to the page it would look like this:

#REDIRECT [[문#文]]
  • That means redirect to the page 문 under the section "文"
  • Then put in the category "Hanja" and sort it under ㅁ. If you don't manually sort it, it will just try to sort it by the Chinese character which is pointless since it's not an alphabetical system like English or Korean.
  • All the stuff you need is on the toolbar itself, the button that has #R is to make a redirect, and the button after is to make a category.
  • Also hit the preview button before saving, it would help you from making too many saves on the same page.

It's great you found the Hanja by levels. We'll just have to reformat them. Thanks ^^

Yes, I mentioned something like that before. I could write a PHP script in about 20 hours that could attach the levels, my definitions (Korean + English) that you see in the files that I uploaded for the levels of the 한자능력검정시험. --Joesp 19:24, 03 November 2011 (KST)

details and concerns

  • Template would be made to make this easier to copy.
  • Other things to consider: number of strokes
  • Sometimes additional info is needed, like 여 is also 녀. Where to put that?
  • Stroke order image or link to a stroke order imagine on wikimedia commons:
  • Just noticed a separate Korean names section, should the common hanja used in names just be linked to that page? The names page would have to be updated with Hanja.

About Redesign

I can say the new template looks sweet. Especially the Korean characters are big and, I think it's the jpeg or gif, is beautiful. You probably know that I added recently to the HANJA main page the "lists by level" and that these contain the Korean definitions, with explanations of the Korean contained in them. Perhaps I'm fanning myself here, but I do know your hanja pages lack the Korean definitions of the hanja, so I think adding my contribution would enhance the quality of the hanja pages.

Secondly, I hope you have a programmer on site here who can just do that programmatically and create the pages for you from putting my hanja lists in a database table, querying the table, and processing results with some programming language he/she is familiar with .... because it would take a heckuva long time to individually change the pages. Many hanja have 2, 3 or more korean definitions and sometimes different readings, for example. What can you do in these cases? Unfortunately, I don't know squat about how a wiki really works and don't have the time myself. I know, I know .... "if you want something done do it yourself" but just upkeeping my site is enough work for me.

Yes, I mentioned something like that before. I could write a PHP script in about 20 hours that could attach the levels, my definitions (Korean + English) that you see in the files that I uploaded for the levels of the 한자능력검정시험. --Joesp 19:24, 03 November 2011 (KST)

Thirdly, I can also hope that you are not typing in the example words by hand. You do know I have a dictionary for download which the same programmer I just mentioned could save your time (digital soju님).

I still would like to put the examples from ezcorean up as examples for the words. Like I said, 20 hours of my time to post more than I can't even count how many examples. (perhaps about 15 ~ 20,000? words) This I could also write a PHP script for in about 20 hours. Of course, I would need CLI access to a local MySQL database and shell access via SSH onto the server, as well as SCP to move files back and forth. I don't know if you trust me, so trust is the barrier here. --Joesp 19:24, 03 November 2011 (KST)

Anyway, new design looks sweet, but it would pain me to hear that somebody is manually doing all this work.

the problem, of course, is that contrary to your opinion you do *not* have almost all the hanja pages created in your system (see level 3, level 2, and level 1 hanja). When you do it by hand, you run into a limit, but if you programmatically do the same task, you can create the complete reference you are seeking to with this site.

Good luck, as always.

Joseph a.k.a. Joe

Same characters

List of characters that are the same. -暴 포, 폭

Multiple representations