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For each page you can include this code, then modify the contents:
For each page you can include this code, then modify the contents:
{{Flashcard links
{{Flashcard links
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For each page you can include this code, then modify the contents:

{{Flashcard links
| Arabic_version= N/A 
| Arabic_updated= N/A 
| Arabic_link= N/A
| Bulgarian_version= N/A
| Bulgarian_updated= N/A
| Bulgarian_link= N/A
| ChineseSimp_version= N/A
| ChineseSimp_updated= N/A
| ChineseSimp_link= N/A
| ChineseTrad_version= N/A
| ChineseTrad_updated= N/A
| ChineseTrad_link= N/A
| Czech_version= N/A
| Czech_updated= N/A
| Czech_link= N/A
| Finnish_version= N/A
| Finnish_updated= N/A
| Finnish_link= N/A
| French_version= N/A
| French_updated= N/A
| French_link= N/A
| German _version= N/A
| German _updated= N/A
| German _link= N/A
| Hungarian_version= N/A
| Hungarian_updated= N/A
| Hungarian_link= N/A
| Hebrew_version= N/A
| Hebrew_updated= N/A
| Hebrew_link= N/A
| Indonesian_version= N/A
| Indonesian_updated= N/A
| Indonesian_link= N/A
| Italian_version= N/A
| Italian_updated= N/A
| Italian_link= N/A
| Japanese_version= N/A
| Japanese_updated= N/A
| Japanese_link= N/A
| Malaysian_version= N/A
| Malaysian_updated= N/A
| Malaysian_link= N/A
| Dutch_version= N/A
| Dutch_updated= N/A
| Dutch_link= N/A
| Portuguese_version= N/A
| Portuguese_updated= N/A
| Portuguese_link= N/A
| Brazilian_version= N/A
| Brazilian_updated= N/A
| Brazilian_link= N/A
| Polish_version= N/A
| Polish_updated= N/A
| Polish_link= N/A
| Romanian_version= N/A
| Romanian_updated= N/A
| Romanian_link= N/A
| Russian_version= N/A
| Russian_updated= N/A
| Russian_link= N/A
| Serbian_version= N/A
| Serbian_updated= N/A
| Serbian_link= N/A
| Slovenia_version= N/A
| Slovenia_updated= N/A
| Slovenia_link= N/A
| Spanish_version= N/A
| Spanish_updated= N/A
| Spanish_link= N/A
| Swedish_version= N/A
| Swedish_updated= N/A
| Swedish_link= N/A
| Filipino_version= N/A
| Filipino_updated= N/A
| Filipino_link= N/A
| Thai_version= N/A
| Thai_updated= N/A
| Thai_link= N/A
| Turkish_version= N/A
| Turkish_updated= N/A
| Turkish_link= N/A
| Vietnamese_version= N/A
| Vietnamese_updated= N/A
| Vietnamese_link= N/A

Language Version Last Updated Link
Arab league flag sm.png الدرس {{{Arabic_version}}} {{{Arabic_updated}}} {{{Arabic_link}}}
Bulgarian flag sm.png български език {{{Bulgarian_version}}} {{{Bulgarian_updated}}} {{{Bulgarian_link}}}
Chinese flag sm.png 中文 (简体) {{{ChineseSimp_version}}} {{{ChineseSimp_updated}}} {{{ChineseSimp_link}}}
Taiwanese flag sm.png 中文 (繁體) {{{ChineseTrad_version}}} {{{ChineseTrad_updated}}} {{{ChineseTrad_link}}}
Czech flag sm.png Čeština {{{Czech_version}}} {{{Czech_updated}}} {{{Czech_link}}}
Finnish flag sm.png Suomi {{{Finnish_version}}} {{{Finnish_updated}}} {{{Finnish_link}}}
French flag sm.png Français {{{French_version}}} {{{French_updated}}} {{{French_link}}}
German flag sm.png Deutsch {{{German _version}}} {{{German _updated}}} {{{German _link}}}
Hungarian flag sm.png Magyar nyelv {{{Hungarian_version}}} {{{Hungarian_updated}}} {{{Hungarian_link}}}
Israel flag sm.png עִבְרִית {{{Hebrew_version}}} {{{Hebrew_updated}}} {{{Hebrew_link}}}
Indonesian flag sm.png Bahasa Indonesia {{{Indonesian_version}}} {{{Indonesian_updated}}} {{{Indonesian_link}}}
Italian flag sm.png Italiano {{{Italian_version}}} {{{Italian_updated}}} {{{Italian_link}}}
Japanese flag sm.png 日本語 {{{Japanese_version}}} {{{Japanese_updated}}} {{{Japanese_link}}}
Malaysian flag sm.png Bahasa Malaysia {{{Malaysian_version}}} {{{Malaysian_updated}}} {{{Malaysian_link}}}
Netherlands flag sm.png Nederlands {{{Dutch_version}}} {{{Dutch_updated}}} {{{Dutch_link}}}
Portuguese flag sm.png Português {{{Portuguese_version}}} {{{Portuguese_updated}}} {{{Portuguese_link}}}
Brazil flag sm.png Português Brasileiro {{{Brazilian_version}}} {{{Brazilian_updated}}} {{{Brazilian_link}}}
Polish flag sm.png Język Polski {{{Polish_version}}} {{{Polish_updated}}} {{{Polish_link}}}
Romanian flag sm.png Română {{{Romanian_version}}} {{{Romanian_updated}}} {{{Romanian_link}}}
Russian flag sm.png Русский язык {{{Russian_version}}} {{{Russian_updated}}} {{{Russian_link}}}
Serbian flag sm.png Српски {{{Serbian_version}}} {{{Serbian_updated}}} {{{Serbian_link}}}
Slovenia flag sm.png Slovenščina {{{Slovenia_version}}} {{{Slovenia_updated}}} {{{Slovenia_link}}}
Spanish flag sm.png Español]] {{{Spanish_version}}} {{{Spanish_updated}}} {{{Spanish_link}}}
Swedish flag sm.png svenska]] {{{Swedish_version}}} {{{Swedish_updated}}} {{{Swedish_link}}}
Filipino flag sm.png Tagalog]] {{{Filipino_version}}} {{{Filipino_updated}}} {{{Filipino_link}}}
Thai flag sm.png ภาษาไทย {{{Thai_version}}} {{{Thai_updated}}} {{{Thai_link}}}
Turkish flag sm.png Türkçe {{{Turkish_version}}} {{{Turkish_updated}}} {{{Turkish_link}}}
Vietnamese flag sm.png tiếng Việt {{{Vietnamese_version}}} {{{Vietnamese_updated}}} {{{Vietnamese_link}}}