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Adding Hanja

  • Applying the new template
  • Revision of material (that is, proofreading it for accuracy)
  • Adding images (using the .pds file as a template)

Indexing of Hanja

  • list all entries that have been reviewed
  • this is to be done by all teams
  • list all Hanja that exist
  • native checks

Team 1 - Content - Korean knowledge required

  • Adding Hanja and their explanations
  • Maintain a list of all Hanja that have been covered
  • Reviewing work of other members of Team 1 in Recent Changes

Team 2 - Appearance - Understanding of what elements are is required

  • Applying the new template
  • Maintain a list of all Hanja that have been covered

Team 3 - Images - No understanding necessary

  • Creating .png files for Hanja pages

Everyone and Anyone

  • Stub incomplete Hanja pages. Say in the edit comment what is missing / the reason for stubbing the page


  • The lists that are to be maintained by Teams 1 and 2 will aid in knowing what is done and what needs to be done. If an entry is found on the table, then it is to be recognized as complete and thus undeserving of further attention. Editors may view such a table, use Ctrl + F to locate a term they are seeking to add, and realize by its existence (or non-existence) if it needs to be reviewed or not.
  • These two lists--one for Team 1 and one for Team 2--should be maintained by date. In doing so, entries may be reviewed by other users and also be effective if another change is made to the template. If such a change is made, then that list could be reviewed from top to bottom to ensure all edits are properly made.
  • A rough outline of the format of these list pages is below:

Index of Content Edits

year - month


Hanja_or_Hangeul - User

Note for the above template: Since a Hangeul character can involve multiple Hanja added to it, I am dubious over the format to be used.

Index of Appearance Edits

year - month


Hanja_or_Hangeul - User