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Things to do, sorted by priority.

Low Priority

  • Make this page look nicer with tables. Yellow for low, orange for medium, red for high priority.
  • Record more subway announcements
  • The Important 한자 pages h2 headings are making a table of content table, fix it.
  • Convert 한글 letter jps to svg

Medium Priority

  • Get more pictures or media for Category:Vocabulary section.
  • Korean version of the sidebar for customized
  • Better upload form with more details
  • Record delivery messages, then translate them.
  • ㅂ니다 and ㅂ니까 pages should be made and finished.
  • category pages should have descriptions so their link isn't red.
  • Template boxes for sentences in grammar patterns, then add to grammar template. Same for conjugation box.

High Priority

  • Finish the guidelines and getting started pages
  • Final version of the front page
  • Translate the main page into 한글
  • Record sounds for learning 한글 pages
  • Stroke order animations
  • Make example table for 한글 lessons