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Hey there,

I'm 공금룡(孔金龍), at least, this is my Chinese name read in Korean. I have started learning chinese long before and now for almost 9 months I learn Korean, which is much easier if you already know some chinese vocabulary and characters. Learning 漢字 is a bit tricky for everyone starting to learn Chinese. Most of the learners just try to remember the basic characters and then the combinations but often do not know much about the construction of these characters. I think this is due to a lack of information.

I also had these problems until I started to study chinese literature about characters, i.e. I worked with a chinese 漢字-dictionary, where almost every character was explained. For this Wiki-Project I plan to contribute this knowledge (which is only available in Chinese, maybe Japanese as far as I know) for that everyone can benefit of it when learning chinese characters.

If you whant to support me in doing this or if you are interested in Explanations of special characters, I could just start with the characters you ask for and provide information within the corresponding articles of these 漢字. First of all I need some support for extending the tabulars for a 漢字.