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Basic Information
Gender male
Age 25
Blood type A
Hometown Las Cruces, NM, USA
Current location 성남, South Korean
Native languages English
Occupation Teacher
University New Mexico State University
Major Computer science
Korean Language School Seoul National University
Levels 2-4
Music Humming Urban Stereo, Bobby Kim
Food 불고기, 곱창, 설렁탕, 갈비, 복어, 참치 (사시미)


Hi my name is Chris. I am half Korean and was born in Korea and also lived here from 1987-1990. I was formerly fluent in Korean, however when living in the United States I quickly forget most of it as I never used it much. I was hoping that relearning it would unlock some parts of my brain where the Korean had been lost, but unfortunately it feels like I'm learning a brand new language again.

I am a co founder of this wiki along with Matt Strum. Originally me and Matt had separate Korean wikis, but we decided it was best to merge our projects together and it's turned out to be a great decision so far. I came up with the idea for this project while studying at Seoul National University's language education institute. Originally this project was for me to gather all the information I've learned while studying Korean. I wanted to put it into one source since I was learning additional things in school that weren't found in textbooks and due to the fact many of the Korean language text books out there suck. It was a hassle going through different books and trying to find information about one particular grammar in my notebook. Not only could I store the information in one place, but I would no longer have to look through several books and search through my notebook. I then thought it would be useful for everyone else currently learning or wanting to learn Korean. This wiki is sort of like my Korean learning blog in a way since I post what I learn onto here.

My other main motivations for making this wiki is making people more interested in learning Korean and the lack of details in explaining grammar usages in Korean. I've always heard people say are were interested in learning Japanese and Chinese, but rarely heard someone say Korean. Not to mention the current resources for learning Japanese and Chinese are far more abundant, thorough and better quality. This wiki aims to take the details of Korean to levels not described in books, as well as explaining things that aren't introduced in textbooks such as slang.

Back in Korea

I came back to Korea for the 5th time in January 2008. Originally I only planned to study at Seoul National University for one year and return to America. I started at level 2 and went up to level 4. After level 4, I spent all the money I brought with me to Korea, so I had to find a job. I'd like to go back and finish all 6 levels someday.

PR Korea

I was recently on an SBS show, PR Korea, however my part was unfortunately edited out, 헉. I am 크리스 in the orange shirt. I feel very passionate on the topic of how to improve Korea, but didn't get the chance to speak my mind. So in the future, I'll speak my mind via youtube on my youtube channel here.

future content: Opinion on korean life culture, subways, konglish