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Umm.. Hey Everyone. I found this awsome site from youtube and i've used it like everyday since. I'm native to English and Tagalog but I'm also learning Korean as well as French. Anyways, i'm glad to be a member of the Korean Wiki Project (^^) {{#babel: en-N | tl-N | fr-1 | ko-1 }}

Josh Y.
Basic Information
Gender Male
Age 15
Blood type how do you find out? LOL
Hometown Manila
Current location Seattle
Native languages English,Tagalog(and a little French and Korean)
Occupation High School Student
Studying Korean since 2008ish
Music RnB,Alternative and Kpop ofcourse :]
Food My fav. korean food is 불고기,김밥&쇠고기 구이
Hobbies Im a fan of 미식 축구 and im also learning to cook :]
Twitter Click here
Korean Wiki Project 화이팅!!(^_^)