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I fixed quite a few things in the common.js page:

  1. Fixed the comment code so it works normal again
  2. Fixed the 'insert language list' so the user doesn't have to manually input the page name
  3. Better organized the grammar template code so it looks neater when viewing it on the common.js page
  4. The grammar template now includes the 'language list' at the bottom.

--Bluesoju 00:39, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Fixing everything

What was causing the templates to break?? I saw you managed to fix about everything. Also you said you installed an extension for listing the top contributors but I don't see it anywhere. You're not on msn, so I left a message here. --Bluesoju 02:56, 1 July 2009 (UTC)


matt, it's the webmaster at I can share my grammar entries with you, which are using the same license as you have (the Creative Commons one), because I just merged in the grammar entries from . I'm referring to the grammar setup at not to the verb endings which I have. Then may help save a lot of your time cutting and pasting if I can give you the full database dump for those entries?

I could do the same for the endings as well, of which I have about 470 and 790 follow-ups, like you can see at . If you wanted to add the explanations or examples I have taken from books, you are welcome to do that, as well.

I understand the concept of community and the sharing of knowledge. Everything great in the world was accomplished by people working together. I'm glad to see you have the right license, but am confused about why you want to reinvent the wheel here. It's so much work. I'm tired of it myself, the next php function I have to program to fix my site I think I'm gonna scream.

My present goal is to find someplace I can go to ask questions. A forum. So I installed phpBB because of the sad misfortune of a webmaster of the popular forum you know which one, which is now down, but I'm not gonna call the bottom. I just think that my site already has the forum, that's all I really care about, if I can build that up, then the forum will be attracted. I get about 2 users per day for the last year. But, there's no real community going on over there. Not anywhere on the internet, just for Korean language study, so why not use mine?

Alls I want is to spend less time teaching Korean and more time learning it.

anyway, I have started adding your examples to my grammar entries, with a link for each one. I think I got 25 of them done so far, then I can track the changes once a month using the 'recent changes' feature, I hope.