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matt, it's the webmaster at I can share my grammar entries with you, which are using the same license as you have (the Creative Commons one), because I just merged in the grammar entries from . I'm referring to the grammar setup at not to the verb endings which I have. Then may help save a lot of your time cutting and pasting if I can give you the full database dump for those entries?

I could do the same for the endings as well, of which I have about 470 and 790 follow-ups, like you can see at . If you wanted to add the explanations or examples I have taken from books, you are welcome to do that, as well.

I understand the concept of community and the sharing of knowledge. Everything great in the world was accomplished by people working together. And I'm glad to see you have the right license. So, I am all about collaboration, believe me, but I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by reinventing the wheel here. The two of you may install the forum you have listed on your to-do page. Maybe you will even be interested in your site in a year. Web sites do come and go, but communities should survive.

It's just a pain to have to add your examples to my already existing entries, because it makes my site a failure. Maybe your wiki approach will be a breaker.

The 3 of us building a community at ezcorean would be possible. My offer is just to use my site, and then build a community over there. If you are in it for pride or the male collection/ownership thing, though, that's can get in the way of collaboration. Or, if you have problems with my site (appearance, maybe, or lack of functionality, or stuff seems broken). However, if you are in it for the money, well, your license is a bit limiting in that area.

My goal is to have us, and that includes other people as well, make a vibrant forum online. I translate Korean sometimes, a few times a week, for a certain company, and I need answers sometimes else I get in trouble when the client complains. So, I have a real need for that. If I saw you had a vibrant forum I wouldn't be making this post here. But, we all do share a sincere interest in Korean. We should figure out some way to get together on this.

I don't give a flying J who owns the domain name, or what it is, or where the server is located. I just want to collaborate with people because, as I said, all great things have been done by groups. One person, or two, does not make a community. Contributing to a community is my payback.



Thanks a lot Joseph, I really like your website. I've used it a lot in the past, it's an absolutely great resource. If you do want to share your grammar database with us, Chris would probably be the better person to talk to. He's overseeing the grammar section, so he might be able to use that.

Quite frankly, I'm only really interested in working on and upkeeping this project. I personally believe MediaWiki is the best way to do this kind of a project, but that's just my personal preference. Me and Chris recognize that there's some downsides to a wiki, but we both believe (assuming I'm talking for Chris) it's the best solution out there. We've only been online for a few months, but the content has really fleshed out to include an amazing breath of information.

If we did want to collaborate, it would probably mean creating a Korean Q&A-type forum we could both administrate. Other than that, I don't really see any way to merge the two projects without abandoning one of the site platforms. That's something I would love to see, but it would definitely take some compromising and and hard work from all sides.

--Mstrum 00:42, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

First welcome to our site Joseph. I'd be interested in the data dump, however our grammar page names follow a certain syntax and the grammar pages also follow a certain syntax. So even though the dump will save time from copying and pasting, we would also need to delete duplicates of pages already on here as well as reformat them. Also explanations from books probably wouldn't be a good idea since they are copyrighted and on top of that a lot of books tend to put unnatural examples, so on this wiki we try to get a native speaker to mostly write the sentence examples (our member Jay shin has been doing most of them).

Me and Matt feel like we're taking a better and new approaches to learning Korean, as well as combining the best methods we've seen in books and websites, so I wouldn't exactly say it's reinventing the wheel. We've come up with a lot of our ideas and methods based on our own needs and problems we've come across with other sources for learning Korean. Also I cosign Matt on the wiki being the best approach for our project, even though it holds us back in some areas. However we will probably look into making our own custom extensions for our site to overcome those limitations. Also i'm not sure how we would be able to move our site to your site, but we've already got our project established and an easy to remember domain name. We're still in the phase of putting up basic information on our wiki so we haven't tried to advertise it to others, but we have made special plans to do so when we feel the time is right. We've each also setup goals for the future of this website and we'd like to see them met someday. We do appreciate your offer though.

As far as being in it for the money, I'm not sure how that would be possible since there would so many authors on the site and they'd each want a small chunk if some book was ever made from all this. We'd love to have you on board our project to make learning Korean easier for everyone and making the information as accurate and detailed as possible, that will happen as more users join the project and people put in their passion for the Korean language. If you have any other suggestions to make the site better, please let us know. I'm a bit tired right now so don't have time to check for typos, so hopefully I didn't make any major ones --Bluesoju 16:22, 8 July 2009 (UTC)


I really believe this site is an oxymoron. A community-based wiki project called If you're not inventing the wheel what else can you call rewriting a page about ㄹ irregular verbs? Mine is CC license and if there isn't one on then I'd be very shocked. And if community ideology is so strong, what is wrong with ? What this site is is two people spending lots of time creating duplicate information, as far as the larger community is concerned. I know it helps your korean study, because I learned by making my site as well. But, I am thinking wider about the benefit to the larger netizens, not just a community called And the verb endings, besides that I already have 500 of them and there's a university site out there with a thousand of them (again, with examples from books). It just doesn't seem right for you to have to take your precious time to do this work all over again. believe me, I understand the webhosting, administration, and content responsibilities become a part-time job. It just really makes me angry to see talent being used in this way. I can only wonder what is so great about this site that's different from, for example, or my site .... I just disagree, I guess.

I have the irregular verb entries done, just take them from my site.

Take my verb entries and mint's example postings and add them here.

You can create a mirror of the entire grammar section .