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Vocabulary related to one's workplace or working.


  • 동료 - A coworker, a colleague.
  • 직장 - One's Job.
  • 직장인 - A worker.
  • 퇴근(退勤)하다 - to go home from work, call it a day.
  • 출근(出勤)하다 - to leave to work, to show up for work.
  • 회식(하다) - going out to eat together, to go out to eat together.
  • 거래하다 - to do business (with)
  • 상담(하다) - consultation, to consult.
  • 상사 - One's superior, higher-ups.
  • 일(하다) - work, to work.


When referring to high positions, the honorific title 님 is added when addressing the particular person.

  • 사장(님) - president of a company, owner. If someone owns a restaurant, you can call them "사장님."