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Meaning: Get, gain Name of character:
Additional info:
For more information, check out 得 on Hanja Explorer or in the naver dictionary.
  • 득남 <> - begetting a son
  • 득녀 <> - begetting a daughter
  • 소득 <> - income, earnings, profits
  • 획득 <> - get, acquire, obtain
  • 득실 <> - gain and loss
  • 납득(하다) <> - be convinced of
  • 부득이(하다) <> - unavoidable
  • 득템(하다) - slang. 템 is short of 'item(아이템)'. 득템 means 'to gain a good item'. originally it was used only in online games, but recently it has been used offline by young people.
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