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Total characters: 1


Meaning: Discuss Name of character: 논할 론
Additional info: This is the form when it's found at the middle or end of a word. See for words with this character in the beginning.
For more information, check out 論 on Hanja Explorer or in the naver dictionary.
  • 언론 <言論> - press, speech
  • 토론(하다) <討論> - debate, discuss
  • 서론 <序論> - introduction
  • 본론 <本論> - the main subject
  • 결론 <結論> - conclusion
  • 이론 <理論> - theory
  • 개론 <槪論> - introduction, outline
    • 경제학 개론 <經濟學 槪論> - introduction to economics
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