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  • This is used in conjunction with counters such as 시 (time), 병 (bottles), 개 (things), 층 (floor), etc to ask questions related to those counters.
    • For example '지금 몇시예요?' (What time is it right now?)
  • 'some', 'a few' or 'several.'

Used as a Question

Depending on the intonation, 몇 can mean either 'how much', 'how many' or 'some' or 'several'. If the sentence starts with a high pitch and ends with a downward intonation, then it is an interrogative pronoun usually used for asking a question related to numbers and amounts using counters such as 개, 번, and 시. However if the rising intonation comes at the end, it is a indefinite pronoun meaning 'some', 'a few' or 'several.' See the examples below

Sentence Intonation Audio Meaning
(need sentence) Up and then down (insert audio)
(need sentence) Gradually rising (insert audio)

Used in Declarative Sentences

When 몇 is used in declarative sentences it is a indefinite pronoun meaning 'some', 'a few' or 'several.'


When used as a interrogative pronoun, it is often combined with counters.

  • Time: 몇시에요? (What time is it?)
  • 몇번 .. (how many times)
  • 몇층 .. (which floor)
  • 몇명 .. (how many people)

Sentence examples

As an interrogative pronoun:

Korean English Notes

As an indefinite pronoun

Korean English Notes

Common phases

Common phrases using 몇