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Hi, Not sure where I should post this... This koreanwiki idea is fantastic. Is it still maintained though? It would be such a pity if it weren't completed. I'm trying to learn the SNU lessons but from level 3 there quite a few incomplete pages. I really hope that Chris or someone would finish the lessons. There is another super useful tool I found when studying Japanese: short translated news articles. It's great for vocabulary building. Hiragana times in Japan does that but I find incredible that no Korean daily does it (Korea Times, Chosun Ilbo, etc, they have bilingual colums or translations, but they are so different from the original that it isn't a useful tool anymore). So if you're looking how to expand the service after the grammar lessons are all completed, that would be great. TalktomeinKorean have interviews with transcripts, which is great, but they aren't translated, so you can't always be sure you got the meaning right for some sentences. Anyway thanks a lot for the service, and I really hope someone can finish the job on these grammar points. (btw, are there 6 levels at SNU in total? Does that mean that levels 5 and 6 still need to be created?) Seb

Hi thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I'm one of the few people who are contributing, and it's pretty hard to put descriptions for all the grammar pages (especially ones I don't even know yet). A lot of pages were created in hopes someone would come and edit them. The good news however is i'm hoping to organize a group of people (hopefully including Korean teachers and students who are majoring in Korean) who meet in person every week and we all do content together including videos. I just bought a camera so video content will be coming soon. Unfortunately I've been tied up with other things including the redesign of this site. By all means if you've learned something from your time at SNU feel free to edit some pages. You by no means need to be an expert. If you have specific questions, you can ask us on our facebook page.

Thanks -DigitalSoju 06:04, 21 October 2010 (PDT)