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Real examples

More examples for step 4

Word Audio
사투리 (dialect)
사치 (luxury)
사표 (letter of resignation)
서해 (the western sea)
세차 (car washing)
수표 (check)
소파 (sofa)
시차 (time difference)
시키다 (to order)
아파트 (apartment)
아프다 (to be painful)
아토피 (atopy)
야하다 (to be vulgar)
얘기 (story)
여보 (honey [married couple] )
여자 (girl)
예 (example)
예고 (advance notice)
오토바이 (motorcycle)
오해 (misunderstanding)
오후 (afternoon)
요구르트 (yogurt)
요리 (cooking)
우유 (milk)
우표 (postage stamp)
이유 (reason)
주차 (parking)
조카 (nephew)
지하 (underground)
지폐 (paper money)
지혜 (wisdom)
차 (tea, car)
차표 (bus ticket)
차례 (order, turn)
초대하다 (to invite)
카드 (card)
카카오 (cacao)
카페 (cafe)
캐나다 (Canada)
커피 (coffee)
코 (nose)
쿠키 (cookies)
크리스마스 (Christmas)
키 (height)
키스 (kiss)
타이어 (tire)

토 (tomato)

토하다 (to throw up)
포도 (grape)
피부 (skin)
하다 (to do)
허리 (waist)
호주 (Australia)
휴가 (holiday, rest day )
휴지 (toilet paper)
얘 (him/her)
걔 (him/her)
쟤 (him/her)


Characters are written in a certain stroke order. Korean letters are written left to right, top to bottom.

ㅋ stroke order.png
ㅋ is written like ㄱ but with 1 more stroke.
ㅋ stroke order2.png
ㅋ when written with vertical vowels like ㅏ and ㅣ.
ㅌ stroke order.png
ㅌ is written like ㄷ but with 1 more stroke.
ㅍ stroke order.png
ㅍ is usually written with all the lines connected,
don't let the font confuse you.
ㅊ stroke order.png
ㅊ is written like ㅈ but with a line above.
The line above can be written diagonally like \.
ㅊ stroke order2.png
Another way to write ㅊ.
ㅎ stroke order.png
The bottom part of ㅎ is written just like ㅇ or like a Roman 'O.'
ㅑ stroke order.png
ㅑ is written like ㅏ but with one more stroke.
ㅕ stroke order.png
ㅕ is written like ㅓ but with one more stroke.
ㅛ stroke order.png
ㅛ is written like ㅗ but with one more stroke.
ㅠ stroke order.png
ㅠ is written like ㅜ but with one more stroke.
ㅖ stroke order.png
ㅖ is written like ㅔ but with one more stroke.
ㅒ stroke order.png
ㅒ is written like ㅐ but with one more stroke.
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