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Supported Languages

A unique feature of the Korean Wiki Project is that we want to provide Korean language resources in multiple languages. While English is the main language, we also officially support:

  • Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)
  • Japanese

The above supported languages should be focused on.

Showing Available Languages

Every page should have the {{Languages|PAGENAME}} template at the bottom of the page with the PAGENAME filled in correctly with the English title. That will automatically show the available languages as well as show the languages that need translation.

Creating New Pages

Before you create a translation of a page, you should copy all of the text from a current page by clicking on the EDIT tab and copying the text.

Language pages should have the following formats:

  • Chinese (simplified): PAGENAME/ch-zhant
  • Chinese (traditional): PAGENAME/ch-zhans
  • Japanese: PAGENAME/ja

There are a few ways to create these pages. The easiest is if there are links from the English page that already point to them. If the Languages template is already included, the links will be available. It's usually at the top or bottom of the page. The second way is to add the extra text (like /ja) in the address bar in your browser and navigate to it. For example, let's say we want to translate the current page we are on. The address bar should show something like

In order to add a Japanese translation, simply change it to the following and hit enter:

Once you're there you can create the page by translating the text you copied from the original. That's it! Now the translated page will be listed so users can easily navigate to the new pages.

Translation Aids

Editing Tips

Templates can not be translated in new pages, therefore you will need to change what templates you use. For example, many pages include the {{stub}} template which uses English. You should change those kinds of templates (that include text) just like you would create a new language page. If we were editing a Japanese page, that template should be changed to {{stub/ja}}.

If you would like to see a list of pages that need editing so that you don't have to wonder through the wiki to find them, click on the respective language below.

Arab league flag sm.png
Chinese flag sm.png
中文 (简体)
Taiwanese flag sm.png
中文 (繁體)
Croatian flag sm.png
hrvatski jezik
USA flag sm.png
French flag sm.png
German flag sm.png
Indonesian flag sm.png
Bahasa Indonesia
Italian flag sm.png
Japanese flag sm.png
Haiti flag sm.png
Kreyòl ayisyen
Hungarian flag sm.png
Magyar nyelv
Malaysian flag sm.png
Bahasa Malaysia
Mexico flag sm.png
Netherlands flag sm.png
Portuguese flag sm.png
Brazil flag sm.png
Português Brasileiro
Polish flag sm.png
Język Polski
Romanian flag sm.png
Russian flag sm.png
Русский язык
Slovenia flag sm.png
Spanish flag sm.png
Filipino flag sm.png
Turkish flag sm.png
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