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We need to find out if any of these are useless, say how intense each one is, etc. There may be some I didn't get from the slang page.


  • 다굴 = 왕따 - (n) black sheep, outcast, loner
  • 단세포 - a simple-minded person (Literally, a unicellular animal)
  • 단순빵 - a simple-minded person
  • 돌대가리 - A retard, a moron
  • 동네북 - A weak individual who is regularly abused physically by others, a doormat
  • 놈 - (n) a derogatory term for man, from 쌍놈, but not incredibly offensive
  • 뒷북 - an unaware, thickheaded or dull person
  • 멍텅구리 - A retard
  • 멍청이 - A moron
  • 사오정 - Someone who is unaware, thickheaded or dull
  • 새끼 - a) A derog term for a man. b) This term is also used in a very close circle of friends, just like the American term 'bro', but would still be offensive to any third party.
  • 새대가리 - A birdbrain
  • 순진빵 - a naive person
  • 얌체 - A meanie
  • 조센징 - A derogatory Japanese term for Korean
  • 찐따 - a moron
  • 양아치 - A self conceited prick
  • 폭탄 - Someone who showed up at a 번개 who turned out to be very ugly (완전 폭탄만났어)
  • 형광등 - someone who is unaware, thickheaded or dull
  • 호로 - A contemptible man. often followed by 새끼


  • 뒈져 - Go to heck
  • 싸가지없다 - (adj) someone who is very wenchy and ill-mannered.
  • 재수없다 = 싸가지없다 - (adj) wenchy
  • 어리버리하다 - (adj) someone who can not take care of oneself and is easily taken advantage of.