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Some ATMs are marked as "global service"

Some ATM machines will accept visa check cards so you can withdraw money from your bank in your home country. This is much better and easier than having someone wire money. Just have someone deposit money into your account and then you can immediately withdraw it. The fee varies on the bank, but it should be much cheaper than the cost to wire money (usually $20).

Please note that even in the locations we list not every machine will accept international cards, just the specially marked ATMS.

Seoul (서울)

ATMs North of the River (강북)
Location Bank Description Map
Myeongdong (명동) KEB
명동 KB (국민)
ATM's South of the River (강남)
Location Bank Description Map
Gangnam station (강남역 ) KB(국민) Come out of exit 6, then walk about 130 meters and there will be a KB bank on your left
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Express bus terminal (고속버스 터미널) KB (국민) N/A
Coex mall
Shillim 9 dong (신림 9동) N/A

Gyeongi-do (경기도)

Seongnam (성남)

The KB (국민) bank near Moran station has an