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쟁이 is attached to certain nouns to mean someone who does the particular thing(the noun 쟁이 is attached to), particularly if they do it frequently, or they are known for doing that thing (whatever the noun is). Note 쟁이 is usually attached to particular nouns, but sometimes speakers can create their own compound word by attaching 쟁이 to a noun which it's not normally attached to, though depending on the word it may sound awkward.

From the movie 펜트하우스 코끼리. Someone keys the doctor's car labeling him an adulterer (오입쟁이).

Common words

  • 멋쟁이 - a stylish person
  • 욕심쟁이 - a greedy person
  • 욕쟁이 - someone who always cusses
  • 고집쟁이 - a stubborn person
  • 공부쟁이 - someone who always studies
  • 아부쟁이 - an asskisser (slang)
    • 아첨쟁이 - an asskisser (아부쟁이 is used more often, possibly outdated)
  • 질투쟁이 - someone who always gets jealous
  • 거짓말쟁이 - liar
    • 구라쟁이 - liar (slang for 거짓말쟁이 and is more offensive if used with people you are not close with)
  • 겁쟁이 - a coward
  • 개구쟁이 - a brat
  • 변덕쟁이 - someone who frequently changes their mind
  • 수다쟁이 - motor mouth, a chatterbox, someone who talks too much
  • 따라쟁이 - a copycat
  • 점쟁이 - psychic
  • 편식쟁이 - someone who only eats the food they like, don't want to try other foods
  • 고자질쟁이 - snitch, tattletell
  • 말썽쟁이 - trouble maker
  • 심술쟁이 - cranky, nasty person, grumpy
  • 월급쟁이 - employee, salary worker
  • 오입쟁이 - an adulterer, one who commits adultery (archaic word?)