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Noun 전까지 : This pattern is equivalent to the phrase 'By N'.

Conjugation Rule

Conjugation Rule
Pattern Case Example
Rule 1: If there is no 받침 or if the adjective/verb stem has ㄹ as a 받침
Rule 2: If there is a 받침 at the end of the adjective/verb stem

Sentence Examples

Korean English Notes
5 시 전까지 오세요 Please come by 5 o'clock polite informal form
퇴근 전까지 끝낼 수 있어요? Do you think you can finish this done by the end of the day? polite informal form
신데렐라는 자정 전까지 집으로 돌아가야 해요. Cinderella should come back home by midnight. polite informal form
나는 다음주 수요일 전까지 이것을 끝내야 해요. I have to complete this by next Wednesday. polite informal form
12시 전까지 나한테 전화하세요. Call me by 12 o'clock. polite informal form


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