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This article will show you how to order delivery in Korea with audio examples and translations. We will try to provide many examples in the future.

Basic Vocabulary

  • 배달 - delivery
  • 주소 - address
  • 주문 - order
  • 연락처 - phone number
  • 결제 - payment
    • 카드 - credit card(신용카드), debit card(체크카드)
    • 현금 - cash
  • 음료수 - beverage, soft drink
  • 유효기간 - expiration date (they will ask if you pay by card)


The words below are examples of how to order food using a specific counter. For other counters see counting items.

  • 피자 한 - one pizza
  • 치킨 한 마리 - one chicken (마리 can be used for counting animals)
  • 자장면 한 그릇 - one bowl of Jajangmyeon (noodles)
  • 김밥 한 - one roll of kimbap
  • 햄버거 한 - one hamburger (개 can be used for many other things)
  • 치킨 윙스 열 조각 - ten piece chicken wings

Chinese food

  • 곱배기 - a double serving in one bowl. This is so you don't have to order to bowls of something if one serving is not enough.

Pizza delivery

The first time ordering pizza will be the hardest time since you will have to give them your address and other information. However major pizza chains like Pizza hut, Dominos, and Mr.pizza will store your address and other information under your phone number, so if you call again they will just confirm your address with you at the beginning of the call and ask for your order.

Pizza Hut example 1

  • Example when calling the first time

Pizza Hut example 2

As you can hear in this example, if your number was previously stored in their computer, at the beginning of the call they will simply confirm your address rather than ask for it again. Note: The exact name of the officetel was censored.

Audio Person Korean English
Pizza Hut 뜨거운 맛 그대로 배달하는 피자헛 입니다.
오늘 배달할 주소가 성남시 수정구 수진2동 맞으십니까?
Thank you for calling Pizza hut - 뜨거운 맛 그대로 배달하는.
You're now in 수색2동, 수정구, 성남시, right?
Customer 네. Yes.
Pizza Hut XXX 오피스텔 몇 호 이십니까? Which room number?
Customer 604 호요. Room 604.
Pizza Hut 네, ??? 감사합니다. 어떤 제품 주문하시겠습니까? OK. Thanks for ???. What would you like to order?
Customer 페퍼로니 피자 라지(large)로 주세요. Large pepperoni pizza please.
Pizza Hut 도톰한 팬(pan)이요, 고객님? Would you like deep dish pizza, sir?
Customer 어떤 종류 있어요? What kind of pizza do you have?
Pizza Hut 도톰한 팬(pan)으로 드릴까요,
아니면 얇고 바삭한 씬(thin)으로 드릴까요?
Would you like thick deep dish pizza, or thin crust pizza?
Customer 팬으로 주세요. Deep dish, please.
Pizza Hut 도톰한 팬(pan)으로 페퍼로니 하시구요?
다른 더 필요한 거 없으십니까?
Deep dish pizza? Anything else?
Customer 네. No, thank you.
Pizza Hut 예. 그럼,주문 확인해 드리겠습니다.
3~4인용 라지 사이즈 도톰한 팬으로 페퍼로니 하셔서,
결제하실 금액은 22,900원입니다.
현금으로 하시겠습니까?
Let me check your order.
Large pepperoni pizza for 3~4 people, and that will be 22,900 won.
Would you like to pay in cash?
Customer 네. Yes.
Pizza Hut 예, 그러시면 저희가 7시 57분까지
뜨거운 피자 배달해 드리겠습니다.
감사합니다. 상담원 윤미정이었습니다.
OK. We will deliver the hot pizza before 07:57.
Thank you very much. 상담원 윤미정이었습니다.


Receipt from a McDonalds delivery order
  • 추가(하다) - addition, to add
    • (example needed)
  • 세트 - combo, set
  • 감자 튀김 - French fries
  • 단품 - single item (as opposed to a combo, i.e. just a cheeseburger instead of a cheeseburger combo)

Phone numbers

Some places in Seoul have one number for ordering delivery, and they will automatically forward your order or automatically connect you to the closest location.

  • Dominos pizza (Seoul area) - 1577-3082
  • Papa Johns pizza - 1577-8080
  • Pizza hut (Seoul area) - 1588-5588
  • McDonalds (Seoul area) - 1600-5252